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Culture | 09.25.2023

Incredibles Cannabis: Edibles With Delicious Flavors

Meet the brand of dose transparency pioneers that set the industry's standards for delicious and easy edible dosing.

Until recently, using edibles has been a game of chance. Back in the day, when measuring accurate and even doses with homemade edibles was nearly impossible, we had to wait to feel their effects in order to tell how strong they were.

Fast forward to today, brands like incredibles have paved the way for dosing transparency through measurable and accurate doses, delicious flavors, and expected effects. What a time to be alive. 

The brand’s various chocolate bar edibles are taking the weed world by storm, not to mention their unique gummies and hard candies. With a handful of awards under their belt, Incredibles has set the standard for premium edibles at an affordable price. Learn more about the brand and a few of our top picks below.

Incredibles Cannabis: Edibles With Delicious Flavors

Incredibles was founded on a personal anecdote. The brand story begins with a batch of “special cookies” baked to help Grandma Noni’s chronic pain. Once she expressed how the cookies tasted just as good as they made her feel, the team behind incredibles knew they were on to something.

Founded by Josh Fink, Derek Cumings, Rick Scarpello, and Bob Eschino, the Incredibles team has since set industry standards for unique flavors, original recipes, and consistent experiences you can expect. The founders understood the need for accurate dosing with edibles, as this was mostly a risky guessing game before they entered the scene.

Incredibles has set the bar for unique, incredible edibles with various potencies and cannabinoids that promote different effects. Whatever you desire, be it sleep, focus, or pain relief, incredibles has something delicious for you.

The brand has become a pioneer for edible dosing transparency through their firm belief that your ingestible cannabis experience shouldn’t be a gamble.

Meet The Incredible Edibles

Whatever flavors please your palate, there are plenty of options to choose from at incredibles. Between chocolates, gummies, and hard candies, finding the perfect treat for your desired experience is effortless. See below for a few of our favorites.

Peanut Budda Buddha Chocolate Bar: This rich chocolatey peanut butter bar is worth every bite. In fact, it’s won awards for the Edibles List Best Milk Chocolate of 2015 and the 2015 THC Championship Best-Tested Edible. This 100mg THC chocolate bar contains 10 individual pieces containing 10mg THC. Bite into this savory pretzel and chocolatey peanut butter bar when you need a blissful mood boost.

Super Sour Apple Pucker Gummies: Pucker up and take off. These delicious tart gummies are the real deal. Each bag contains 10 sour apple gummies with 10mg THC each, making for a package total of 100mg THC. The mouthwatering sourness paired with the refreshing apple flavor and expected effects make these edibles a no-brainer. 

Fruit Trio Hard Candies: For something a little more nostalgic and easygoing, opt for the sweet lip-puckering hard candies from Incredibles. This dainty little package contains a generous 100mg THC, with 50 pieces in total. Each piece contains a comfortable 2mg THC, perfect for a light buzz or a mid-day pick-me-up.

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