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B Real’s Cannabis Brand: What You Should Know

B Real's Insane cannabis brand celebrates, preserves, and shares the history of our culture.

“This ain’t Wall Street weed.” This is the first message that greets the eye when heading over to Insane’s website, a brand from Dr. Greenthumb’s, co-founded by legendary rapper and cannabis advocate B Real of Cypress Hill

Alongside master grower Kenji Fujishima, the two have been cultivating some of our favorite strains since 1995. Today, Insane is introducing new and seasoned smokers alike to classic strains, new heavy hitters, and everything in between. 

They showcase the history of popular strains Kenji Kush, which evolved into the beloved, renowned, and potent Insane OG. Learn more about Insane, their mission, and kickass weed below.

About Insane

Insane is far from your average weed brand. In fact, it’s far from your average celebrity brandInsane is proud to be a no-bullshit celebrity cannabis brand that strives to preserve the carefully-curated culture that blossomed during the prohibition era.

The brand is deeply rooted in the history of black market growers and breeders who risked their freedom by providing you with our favorite herb. Insane celebrates these monumental people and moments who walked so our legal cannabis industry could run.

It’s not every day you see a celebrity brand pay homage to prohibition and the illicit market. Real stoners know the illicit market’s importance in how our industry was able to evolve. Without the black market, dealers, and growers, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

“We celebrate the culture and traditions of prohibition-era cannabis, not the value of Wall Street stocks,” claims the brand.

Insane stands behind four core promises:

Authentic: You will never find another experience like Insane OG. It’s an original cultivar and B Real’s favorite strain to smoke.

Loyal: Insane will forever be loyal to the movers and shakers who put their freedom on the line to share our favorite plant with like-minded others. It’s a brand from and for true OGs.

Legacy: Insane continues the legacy of communities that have worked tirelessly to grow and supply us with weed we know and love.

Street: Insane continuously honors the cannabis lifestyle made popular in Los Angeles, admitting that the brand is a true product of this sacred environment.

About The Flower

Insane has an impressive collection of flower. But the true star is the brand’s namesake strain, Insane OG.

Before we dive into this renowned strain, it’s worth noting that Insane isn’t just a flower brand. On April 20, 2021 (420), Insane teamed up with popular edibles brand Big Pete’s to launch their Insane Churro collection.

These soft, buttery churro cookies come with 10mg of Fire Cut OG cannabis Indica, the perfect sweet treat with a THC kick. They’re currently available at all Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary locations.

Back to the Insane OG flower, this citrus-packed strain hits the mind and body with radiant euphoria, deep relaxation, and expanded creativity. I mean, this is B Real’s favorite strain for a reason.

Insane OG is an evenly balanced hybrid with a generous THC content that hits up to 27%. Besides the strain’s praised effects, its legacy is far more important. The brand attests that Insane OG carries black-market operators’ traditions, history, and culture while also honoring hip-hop and street cultures.

After all, this strain has remained a star over the last few decades among popular artists and pop culture trendsetters. We’re eager to get our hands on these premier buds, and considering it’s the favorite strain of a true cannabis OG, you should be too.

For more information about Insane, visit their website at

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