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Lazarus Naturals Promises CBD That’s Made To Work, Made For All

Lazarus Naturals makes premium, affordable CBD for those who rely on its praised benefits.

Knowing how your favorite cannabis product was made gives you peace of mind. It lets you know more about the brand’s motives and why it aims to provide you with these products in the first place.

As the cannabis market evolves, so do consumers. Those who enjoy using this sacred plant are beginning to take note of how their go-to product was formulated while ensuring it’s lab tested and of the highest quality.

After all, why use a product for your health if it isn’t safe? That sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? When you want CBD done the right way, CBD that was designed to work for anyone who needs it, look to Lazarus Naturals.

About Lazarus Naturals

The primary goal at Lazarus Naturals is to make effective and safe CBD accessible to everyone. They do so by owning, controlling, and running the entire process from seed to sale.

From Lazarus Naturals’ hemp farms in Central Oregon all the way to extraction, formulation, and packaging, the brand is deeply involved in the process to ensure they are only selling what they approve of.

Part of what makes Lazarus Naturals so generous is their Assistance Program, which offers a 60% discount to:

  • Veterans
  • Those on long-term disability
  • Active military personnel
  • Low-income households

Lazarus Naturals truly meant it when they said CBD for all. Not only are the brand’s products accessible and affordable, but they’re highly effective. Lazarus Naturals knows its place as a leader in alternative plant-based medicine, which is why they create products for people like you who rely on the healing benefits of CBD.

Now, the brand is committed to providing you with everything you love about and need from CBD, regardless of your current situation.

Seed To Sale

Besides offering trusted and tested CBD products, Lazarus Naturals takes immense pride in controlling the entire seed-to-sale process while putting consistency and sustainability at the forefront.

The brand’s “farm-to-door” model was created by CEO and founder Sequoia Price-Lazarus, and his dedicated team comprising Evan Skandalis (VP of Farm Operations), Dylan Summers (VP of Government Affairs), and Ian Tudor (Crystallization Specialist).

Now, they’re proud to handle each step of the way:

  • Growing & harvesting organic hemp
  • Testing
  • Extracting biomass
  • Choosing effective ingredients
  • Third-party testing
  • Packaging
  • Fulfilling orders in-house

Besides premium CBD oils, capsules, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, Lazarus Naturals offers some unique products like CBD Coconut Oil made with Full Spectrum CBD. Add a dose to any recipe and choose how you wish to ingest your medicine.

You simply can’t go wrong with premium, high-grade CBD that’s rigorously tested and sold to you by the same people who grew it. With Lazarus Naturals, your favorite CBD experience awaits.

For more information about the brand, visit their website at

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