Culture | 12.05.2022

Love + Destroy Is Redefining Leisure With Modern Accessories And Wellness Goods

Treat yourself, and your best buds to luxury leisure with Love + Destroy.

The old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. That applies to your cannabis products too.

Glancing over at a luxury pipe for your post-work sessions is much more exciting than that stained, run-of-the-mill beaker hiding in your closet. Elevating your smoking accessories and finding products you can be proud of is easier than ever in our modern industry.

Not only do these high-end accessories help you feel good about your leisure time, but they break the stigma that cannabis users aren’t sophisticated or motivated.

If you enjoy the finer things, we’ll happily introduce you to Love + Destroy, a modern lifestyle brand that’s redefining your leisure time.

About Love + Destroy

Love + Destroy doesn’t just strive to help you redefine your leisure time but to elevate how you view hemp and related products.

This women-owned New York-based brand creates a collection of high-design products and accessories that reflect the contemporary nature of our evolving industry.

Founded by Pratt Institute graduate Britni Sweet, she uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create the brand’s Machine(made) products and accessories, created with the best production technology possible.

Hand(made) goods from Love + Destroy are hand-crafted by Sweet, using thoughtfully-sourced and high-quality sun-grown hemp from small businesses and family-owned organic farms.

Hand(made) + Machine(made)

Love + Destroy has two product categories:

  • Hand(made)
  • Machine(made)

Under their Hand(made) category, you’ll find wellness products, including the CBD Balancing Potion, CBD Blemish Ease, CBD Soaking Salts, Hemp Cones, and aromatic candles that provide a well-rounded and leisurely experience.

Glancing at their Machine(made) category is a treat. Seasoned cannabis users and beginners alike will adore the luxurious, minimal, and sleek nature of these smoking accessories, designed to help you relax while celebrating the rapidly evolving industry.

Here, you’ll find elevated smoking accessories like the renowned Cross Bar Pipe, which is geometrically designed to catch the eye while offering balanced support, so your steel piece doesn’t topple over.

Not to mention the convenient and visually-appealing Stem Pipe and Bird Pipe, both boasting their own unique shape that could double as bookshelf decor and your new favorite smoking accessory.

We all love me-time. If there’s an opportunity to elevate it, why not jump at the chance?

For more information about Love + Destroy, please visit their website at

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