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Culture | 01.02.2023

Luxury Edibles Brand Hervé Combines French Culinary With Innovative Infusion

Experience luxurious and decadent French macarons with a THC twist at Hervé.

It’s easy to get tired of edibles. While you might not get tired of their effects, you might be looking for other options outside of gummies and chocolates

Have you ever considered reaching your peak high with luxurious French macarons? What might seem impossible is brought to life by hand at Hervé, a Nevada-based luxury edibles brand that’s introducing seasoned users to elevated ways to consume cannabis. 

Hervé also offers other premium edibles, but their macarons have won the hearts of many through high-quality ingredients, luxury presentation, and easy doses. Learn more about Hervé and their world-class edibles below. 

About Hervé

Photo courtesy of Hervé

The luxury French-inspired cannabis-infused dessert maker, Hervé, offers elegant and delicious treats for easy, elevated dosing. The brand was founded in the classic art of pâtisserie creation and has since introduced edible lovers to exquisite ways to consume the herb. 

Hervé’s desserts, macarons, candies, and chocolates provide unmatched flavors with a contemporary design to help you celebrate each dose. The brand launched in 2020 and prides itself on using decades of traditional French culinary techniques with an innovative infusion method for easy, modern, and luxury cannabis experiences.

Hervé's Luxury Edibles Selection

Photo courtesy of Hervé

What makes Hervé better than other edible manufacturers? For one thing, the company’s macarons have outsold all premium edibles on the market.

Second, Hervé uses the best quality ingredients paired with an innovative infusion process to help you reach your desired state of bliss. See the best-selling products at Hervé below. 

Les Macarons

Hervé’s famous macarons are where the party’s at. These are by far the most sophisticated, delicious, and unique edibles on the market, and they’re pretty powerful too. 

Les Macarons from Hervé are handmade using the world’s finest ingredients to ensure you’re getting nothing but pristine French delicacies with precise dosages. Speaking of doses, each gluten-free macaron contains 10mg premium Delta 9 THC Sativa Hybrid distillate, making for a package total of 30mg THC. 

Le Mirage

Ever wanted to store, dose, and eat your edibles in and from one compact place? Hervé’s Le Mirage is the newest wow factor in the edibles market. This discreet, refillable, and doseable product features a patent-pending system for storing, dispensing, and consuming edibles. 

Think back to your childhood of using classic, nostalgic PEZ Dispensers. Le Mirage from Hervé works in a similar fashion but contains the brand’s vegan, gluten-free, no-sugar-added candies that come in the following flavors:

  • Peppermint
  • Sour Green Apple
  • Sour Peach
  • Sour Cherry

Not only is the dispenser convenient and discreet, but the edibles are sublingual, meaning they produce fast-acting, powerful effects. 

For more products and information about Hervé, visit their website at

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