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Culture | 01.26.2023

Make Homemade Edibles The Easy Way With MagicalButter’s MB2e Machine

Perfecting the art of cannabis infusion has never been easier.

Making edibles can be intimating. For starters, you must accept that your space will dank. Secondly, infusing cannabis into recipes, skincare products, and supplements can be challenging, especially for beginners.

Whether you’re new to cannabis infusion or consider yourself an edible chef, anyone can benefit from MagicalButter’s MB2e Machine. This infusion device does all the grunt work for you, making the infusion process easier than ever. 

Consider whipping up your own cannabutter, or take it up a notch by spicing up your favorite dinners with a weedy kick. With help from the renowned MB2e Machine, your wildest canna dreams can be a reality. See below for more information about MagicalButter and their impressive infusion technology.

About MagicalButter

When you want edibles or topicals done right, look to MagicalButter. This DIY homemade infusion brand takes the difficulty out of cannabis infusion with their cutting-edge technology.

The brand’s flagship MB2e Machine has been a staple part of weed-friendly kitchens for years, and their technology is only improving with time.

It’s an innovative brand that’s eager to help you master the edibles process and put new spins on traditional recipes, skincare products, and supplements.

To The Kitchen

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Photo By MagicalButter

MagicalButter offers a few deals and bundles to help you get cooking. Let’s focus on what brought the brand to notoriety, the praised MagicalButter MB2e Machine.

Impressively, this is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor. It takes the difficulty out of cannabis infusion by using an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat heating unit. Whether you want to infuse your herb into butter or make your own lotion, the MagicalButter MB2e Machine gives you complete control with a fraction of the labor. 

How does it work? The MagicalButter MB2e Machine was designed to do the following with your herb:

  • Grind
  • Heat
  • Stir
  • Steep

It does these functions at precise time intervals and temperatures to ensure you have a superior extract with every use. Last but certainly not least, the MB2e Machine eliminates the possible dangers, challenges, and human hiccups of cannabis infusion through its innovative design and technology that creates the purest extract time and again. 

Plus, it’s fully automatic with microprocessor-controlled program sequences and integrated digital thermostat and sensors to ensure your extracts are lab-grade every time. 

It’s a self-cleaning machine with a stainless steel pitcher that makes roughly 2-5 cups per cycle. When you’re ready to start your journey into the wide world of cannabis infusion, MagicalButter’s MB2e Machine has you covered. 

For more products and information about MagicalButter, visit their website at magicalbutter.ca.

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