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MyHi STIKs Let You Enhance Any Beverage With Dissolvable, Fast-Acting THC

The newest product for on-the-go cannabis users has arrived. Meet MyHi.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, it could probably be enhanced with THC.

But not just through any cannabis product, but one that kicks in faster than the competition and comes in the most discreet form possible for a cannabis product.

We know that smoking isn’t always an ideal way to consume cannabis. From the adverse health effects to the pungent aroma, you can’t always spark up when you need a hit of THC.

Even edibles like gummies and brownies might not fit your dietary restrictions. Additionally, waiting for these products to kick in takes a while. And when they do take effect, they often leave you feeling major couch-lock.

That’s where MyHi comes in, a brand that’s created the utmost discreet, healthiest, and easiest way to get our dose of THC without causing a scene or waiting extended periods of time.

The MyHi STIKs is a long-awaited product in our industry, and it’s a direct result of innovation and an increasing demand for discreet, effective, fast-acting THC that matches your active and busy lifestyle.

Meet MyHi

If you can’t smoke it or eat it, you might wonder what kind of product MyHi offers. Impressively, it offers two different doses of its renowned MyHi STIKs, a dissolvable THC powder that’s water soluble and can be mixed into any beverage. Yes, even water.

And the product doesn’t come in some dinky package either. Instead, MyHi constructed the packaging with a form factor in mind. These MyHi STIKs are the size of a pen and let you use the packaging to stir your powder into your drink.

Even better, you can choose how to pour the powder into your beverage. Either peel and stir (peel the label and shake the powder into your beverage) or pop and pour (pop the cap on the bottom and pour).

Why MyHi?

Not every cannabis lover has time to wait for regular edibles to kick in or the freedom to spark up anywhere. But there’s no denying that a fast-acting hit of some psychoactive THC makes a good day even better.

That’s why MyHi set out to create a product that’s:

  • Clean
  • Healthy
  • Discreet
  • Fast-acting

Plus, these MyHi STIKs are the perfect coffee replacer, as they contain 30mg of green coffee bean extract (about 1/3 of the caffeine from an 8oz. coffee).

They also contain a bit of L-Theanine to promote a more focused high, along with a sweet dash of monk fruit. The short list of ingredients and consistent and reliable effects make this product a true star in our modern cannabis industry.

You can choose from the 5mg THC MyHi STIK or the 10mg MyHi STIK, both of which provide energizing, social, and cheerful effects, but at different doses. Regardless of which STIK you choose, MyHi lets you count on its STIKs for a reliable high with consistent effects you can expect each time around.

MyHi STIKs are currently available at various California dispensaries. For more information about the brand, visit its website at

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