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Culture | 06.24.2024

Your Chance To Name A Strain: Winner Gets 1 FREE Ounce From Indacloud

Anything goes…and I mean anything. Dark, funny, borderline jail-time worthy. It’s up to you.

We’re looking for clever stoners—weed lovers wanting to become one ounce heavier, happier, and forever immortalized by a dank new strain.

Indacloud, the fun cannabis company, has opened the doors to their Willy Wonka-esque grow rooms and is letting you decide on their next strain name. You got that right. They are literally letting anything fly with this one.

First place gets naming rights for a 1-2.5 lb grow of a crazy crossbreed Indacloud has been working on; think of “Sweet Jesus X Devil’s Breath.” Plus, a free ounce of that strain will be delivered straight to their door.

Because they’re “feeling themselves lately” – a direct quote from Josh, their Head of Growth, Indacloud will also have runner-up prizes:

  • 3.5 grams of exotic flower
  • Three 10-packs of their award-winning Funta gummies (flavored with real Fanta)
  • 150mg Dope Rope
  • A 6-gram Beast Mode THC diamond vape
  • Assorted merchandise

The Contest Details

So, how can you get in on this amazing opportunity? Indacloud’s giveaway contest is simple to enter but should be a wild one to watch unfold.

  • The first option is to like and follow Indacloud’s socials, both Instagram and X, and leave a comment on their giveaway post.
  • The second option is through their partnership with one of X’s biggest weed pages, the Canna Connect Agency, so follow along at @WeedPorns and the X weed community page to see all the action.

Entries are open from now until the end of July. So don’t fret; you still have plenty of time to craft different clever names for this unique strain.

The Perks Of Winning

Apart from the incredible honor of choosing an immortal weed strain, the winner will be featured on Indacloud’s website and social media platforms.

This is a fantastic opportunity for personal branding and getting your name out there. Whether you’re an avid user or just someone who loves unique experiences, this prize offers something for everyone.

The Selection Process

Indacloud has ensured that the selection process for this contest is fair and square:

  • Done in partnership with one of the largest weed pages on X
  • With few internal judges
  • By popular vote in the comments section

They’ll be looking for entries that stand out for their originality, passion, humor, or kick-ass story.

A Word From Indacloud

In a recent interview, Head of Growth Josh Bertini was feeling electric about the contest.

We wanted to do something that’s never been done before. Naming a strain after one of our customers’ brainchildren is our way of celebrating them and acknowledging the important role they play in our community. We can’t wait to see the amazing stories and creative entries…I want to pee myself laughing.

Best of luck to all the entries! Let’s see who’s ready to reach weed legend status.

Disclaimer: Contest is open to legal residents of the United States where Cannabis products are legal. Must be 21 years or older to enter. Contest terms and conditions apply. Visit Indacloud’s website for more details.

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