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Culture | 04.05.2023

O2VAPE’s FLIP ULTRA Vaporizer Changes The Game For Cartridge Lovers

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There are more vaporizer brands than ever before. With so many different companies offering their own products, choosing from the bunch can be difficult.

We applaud the informed consumer — cannabis users who do their own research regarding which brands and products are making a difference. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a quality vaporizer that’s easy to use, ultra-functional, and on-brand with the innovative advancements of the vaping industry.

That’s why we’ll point you towards O2VAPE, a trusted vaporizer brand that’s been offering premium and portable vaping products since 2014. Their patented FLIP ULTRA is one of the most popular and discreet designs out there. Read on to learn more about O2VAPE and their tried-and-true FLIP ULTRA. 

Behind The Brand

As mentioned, O2VAPE has been offering high-quality portable vaporizers since 2014. This USA-based veteran-owned company takes pride in being a safe source of innovative vaping technology.

One of their most respected features is their no-receipt, no-further-purchase-necessary lifetime warranty. Trust that your vaporizer from O2VAPE is in it for the long haul. Besides their patented FLIP ULTRA, O2VAPE also offers dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, disposable pens, and much more. 

So why purchase from O2VAPE? For starters, their vapes are just as functional as they are innovative, elevating your vaping rituals with modern technology and a sleek, stylish look. Secondly, O2VAPE thoroughly tests each of its products for durability, ensuring you can use it every day. 

Check out our review of O2VAPE’s celebrated mod, the FLIP ULTRA.


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Are you truly making the most of your 510 cartridges? Your traditional vape pen simply doesn’t have the power or technology to bring out the best in your favorite extract, whether it’s live resin, live rosin, or distillate.

That’s where the FLIP ULTRA comes in. This patented device is the latest upgrade to the already-popular FLIP vape design. This time around, O2VAPE loaded this device with advanced technology and needed features to make your vaping experience effortless and enjoyable.

For one thing, it comes with a digital display that shows information like puff count, voltage range, and battery life. Secondly, it’s compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges and O2VAPE’s All Glass Cartridges and Vari-Flow Cartridges.

With a large 650 mah battery and USB-C or Lightning charging port, the FLIP ULTRA also has an auto on/off flip lock to ensure the device is never activated when in your pocket or bag. Finally, the sleek, stylish, and customizable design makes this device a no-brainer. You simply can’t go wrong with the FLIP ULTRA.

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