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Culture | 02.28.2023

OGEN Cannabis Is A Small-Batch Craft Cannabis Brand Hunting The Finest Buds

Looking for memorable flower with superb effects and unmatched quality? OGEN Cannabis has you covered.

Quality cannabis should be accessible to anyone who desires it. Unfortunately, knowing which brands to choose can be challenging, especially when half of them source from run-of-the-mill mass producers who aren’t truly passionate about the craft.

When cultivators combine passion and knowledge, the result is the finest cannabis flower with desired, consistent effects, wicked potencies, and the best damn flavors you could imagine. We’re talking about the small yet mighty team of cultivators at OGEN Cannabis.

This brand is becoming one of Canada’s favorite small-batch craft cannabis producers. They’re always on the hunt for the finest buds to ensure you receive nothing but quality and enjoyable experiences. Learn more about OGEN Cannabis below and see our top picks from their hefty strain catalog.

About OGEN Cannabis

This small-batch craft cannabis brand knows good buds like the back of their green-thumbed hands. This is a team of connoisseurs, not mass producers.

They focus on providing specialized phenos that start with their intense phenohunt to deliver unmatched flavors, effects, and experiences to the cannabis community, which they can expect with each purchase.

Behind the brand is a small but mighty team that prides itself on being independent, using their ambition, passion, and knowledge to continue upping the ante.

OGEN Cannabis is quickly on its way to becoming Canada’s leading craft producer, thanks to their profound passion for the craft and endless hunt for the best bud.

The Perpetual Hunt For The Best Bud

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OGEN Cannabis’ current drop of strains is remarkable. They’ve included various hybrids, some Indica-dominant and some Sativa-dominant. We’ve picked a few stellar flowers from their catalog that we think you’ll drool over. See our recommendations below.

Craft Dinnah #12: This powerhouse strain has a wicked THC content ranging from 24-28% THC. Not to mention its accompanying 2-4% terpenes, bringing together its rich, gassy, and cheesy aroma. In fact, OGEN Cannabis says this strain tastes like grilled cheese. What’s not to love? It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid and a limited-time strain, so be sure to get it while it’s still available.

Bacio Punch #8: You’ll never find a stickier, more pungent bud than OGEN’s Bacio Punch #8. The brand warns users that this bud will stick to anything and everything. Besides its ooey-gooey trichomes, this Indica-dominant strain ranges from 22-28% THC with a terpene content of 2-4%. The latter emits sweet floral notes that shift into a fruity and citrusy exhale, not to mention the pungent diesel aromas and flavors.

Peach Chauffeur #15: Hop in the whip and allow Peach Chauffeur to escort you to cloud nine. This sweet, tropical, and gassy strain is a powerful Sativa-dominant hybrid with a mighty THC content of 28-34%. The accompanying 4-7% terpenes emit bright, fresh, and gassy aromas with hints of sweetness, funk, earthiness, and spice. It’s an excellent strain for creativity and focus, keeping the body relaxed and the mind sharp.

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