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Culture | 08.24.2022

Queer-Led Brand Sonder Is Making Cannabis Fun Again

Cannabis is fun, and Sonder is here to help you experience it.

Cannabis-infused Pop Rocks, anyone?

There’s only one place to find that. In 2018, the founders of Sonder, Faun Chapin, and M. Paradise, were on a mission to bring fun back to cannabis. Now, their brand is set to launch in three different states as of next month.

Both Chapin and Paradise believe cannabis is an excellent tool for creativity. The entire Sonder brand focuses on how the plant is used for curiosity, creativity, and wonder.

What’s more creative than a sweet bag of popping Space Crystals, aka Pop Rocks? These tongue-popping cannabis-infused treats also come in different flavors like Pineapple Party, Peach Passion, and Stoned Fruit.

It’s clear that Sonder wants to help consumers find fun in their cannabis experiences. But, like all successful brands and companies, “fun” is exactly where it started.

The Journey To Sonder

Long before the Queer-led brand Sonder came to life, Chapin was deeply rooted in cannabis cultivation. In fact, she’s a second-generation cannabis entrepreneur who takes after her mother, a cannabis cultivator.

Chapin described her mom’s past grows during the war on drugs as “scary.” She added that they had to be careful. Every morning, they would put on a full-body wetsuit and wade up a river to get to her mom’s grow and water the plants.

With her many experiences as a cultivator and entrepreneur, Chapin explained that it’s infuriating to hear people talk about these ‘OG growers’ as only dudes in the woods— as the real OGs were the women.

She added that you’d often see women wearing the gardeners’ gloves in the Emerald Triangle, but it wasn’t until the government threatened to take their children away that they put down the craft for good.

That is until California legalized recreational cannabis. After meeting her current partner Paradise in New York, the two fled to California and knew they had a greater purpose of serving now that the plant is legal.

A Queer-Led Brand Brought To Life

Referring to themselves as the “Wilhemina Wonkas of weed,” Faun Chapin and M. Paradise wanted to help adults have joyful cannabis experiences that take them back to their youth.

The brand is especially focussed on providing unmatched cannabis experiences for women and the queer community.

It might grind your gears to know that a brand as knowledgeable and passionate about cannabis didn’t always get a good reaction from retailers. Some dispensaries didn’t want to carry products with the word “queer” on the packaging.

The retailers that missed out on carrying Sonder are also missing out on their wildly creative flavors like Wakin Bacon, maple-flavored bacon with real bacon bits. As well as the Spooky Ooky hot cinnamon flavor and Rainbow Briter birthday cake flavor.

Not to mention other queer-centric flavors like Cheers Queers, a strawberry champagne blend. No matter the product, the packaging, or what’s inside, the brand wants individuals with unstable home lives to know they can find family in Sonder.

Sonder is just about ready to launch operations in September, which will start in Nevada, then Michigan to follow, and New York after that.

For more information about Sonder, visit its website at

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