Culture | 08.29.2022

Rapper Rakim Launches Higher Frequency Flowers To Promote Music-Mind-Body Connections

The brand was created for artists and deep thinkers to enhance their creative process and help them connect with their universal surroundings.

Seen as one of the most talented MCs of our time, rapper and hip-hop recording artist Rakim has a personal relationship with cannabis.

Often used as a creative tool when in the studio, Rakim recently opened up about his ventures into cannabis through a new partnership with the Black Market Group.

Under the new partnership with the female-founded culture brand, Rakim and the company launched his very own brand, Higher Frequency Flowers.

He explains how the brand was created to help artists and deep thinkers…explore and expand the universal connections that form the foundation of their creative process.

Rakim & Higher Frequency Flowers

The rapper invites you to raise your vibration, tune out the outside world, and help you focus on your creative endeavors with Higher Frequency Flowers.

In fact, each strain was carefully curated and uses the latest techniques and technology to lead the way to the next level of cannabis cultivation.

Before Higher Frequency Flowers came to life, Rakim was deeply immersed in cannabis culture while benefiting from the plant’s creative properties.

In fact, the name of the brand might stem from how Rakim attempts to connect with the frequencies that surround us.

He also expanded on how he reaches the ultimate peak of creativity. “If I can disconnect from the immediate and then connect to the universal infinite, the unconscious collective, that’s where I find myself [being] most creative.”

But what helps him achieve this state of creativity? “Cannabis helps set the mental stage for me to travel there,” Rakim mentioned, citing that cannabis also lets him “dig into [his] mind.”

Cannabis > Alcohol

The rapper also believes that cannabis and creativity go hand in hand, especially for musicians, artists, and producers. Rakim says it’s normal for artists to seek a tool they can use for “creative expansion.”

But part of that becoming normal is society’s less strict and more welcoming relationship with cannabis. One aspect of society’s relationship with cannabis is viewing it as a less invasive alternative to alcohol, something Rakim can relate to.

He says that alcohol lowers the inhibitions and gets you energized at first, but it also lowers those cognitive skills and starts to have strong physical effects.

Of course, a drink here and there for a celebration is fine, but don’t expect to see Rakim hitting the stage while boozed up or plunking down in the studio with a drink in hand.

Instead, cannabis is there to help. Whether that’s for creativity, digging into his mind, connecting with the frequencies around us, or simply winding down, Rakim is excited to finally share those experiences with you.

For his brand, Higher Frequency Flowers, it’s all about that precious Music-Mind-Body connection. For more information about Higher Frequency Flowers, visit its website at

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