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Culture | 09.26.2023

Hana Weed Dispensaries: Phoenix & Green Valley, AZ

Easily access Arizona's finest cannabis products and accessories.

Arizona cannabis space is thriving. As more dispensaries enter the scene, we’ll help connect you with the best shops in the state.

After all, your dispensary experiences should not only be efficient but enjoyable. From the moment you step through the door to the second you leave, you should feel nothing but satisfied with your purchase and pleased with the shop’s customer service.

For Arizonans in search of the best dispensaries, we’ve got you covered. Actually, Hana Dispensaries have you covered. These shops in Phoenix and Green Valley take pride in helping beginners, medical patients, and seasoned users access products that make a difference.

Read on to learn more about Hana Dispensaries and a few product recommendations at both locations.

About Hana Dispensaries

Hana Dispensaries are all about convenience. In 2015, the brand became one of the first licensed medical dispensaries. Today, Hana serves both medical patients and recreational users from two easy-accessible locations in Arizona:

The team at Hana takes pride in being an Arizona original while sharing top-rated cannabis products with patients and casual users alike.

With a profound passion for the natural benefits of cannabis, Hana Dispensaries are where quality and education combine. The budtenders are eager to answer your questions to ensure your experience with cannabis is exactly how you desire.

The shops are contemporary and clean, kept together by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their team knows each product like the back of their hand to ensure you find something worthwhile for your specific situation.

Expect ample parking, easy-to-find locations, and the utmost convenience you could possibly receive from a dispensary. See below for some product recommendations at Hana’s two Arizona dispensaries.

Your Favorite Products Await

GMO Cookies Shake: Do you prefer the convenient, already-ground nature of shake? No grinding needed. Get right into the action with this GMO Cookies Shake from Hana Meds, available at Hana Dispensaries. It’s a hefty Indica strain with an impressive THC content of 28.19%, making for a total cannabinoid content of 33.92%. Get yours today and experience the finest of the dispensary’s in-house brand, Hana Meds.

King Louis XIII [1000mg]: Available in 500mg and 1000mg, this King Louis XIII Vape Cartridge is brought to you by DRIP Oils + Extracts, and it’s a heavy hitter. This premium distillate vape cartridge features a generous THC content of 96%. Needless to say, it’s one of the strongest available options at Hana Dispensaries, so why wait? Experience potency, purity, and flavor in one sleek cartridge.

Amy & Al’s Snickerdoodle Cookie: It doesn’t get much tastier (and stronger) than this delicious Snickerdoodle Cookie from Amy & Al’s, available at Hana Dispensaries. It contains hybrid genetics from medical-grade cannabis, and the entire cookie contains 100mg THC. Just ensure you’re careful with the dosing, as this sweet, innocent cookie has more than what meets the eye.

For more products and information about Hana Dispensaries, visit their website at

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