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Culture | 01.06.2023

Reboot Your Sex Life With Quim’s Alluring Plant-Based Care

Quim deepens the connection with your body through plant-based sexual wellness and vaginal health products.

Self-care doesn’t stop after your skincare routine. Although you might apply the finest serums and smoothest oils to your face, are you looking after your vaginal health with the same TLC?

The vagina is an enigma. From maintaining a healthy pH balance to finding sexual wellness products that don’t leave you with UTIs, looking after your kitty can be tedious. This is especially true for sexual wellness products that enhance your experience in the bedroom.

When you’re sick and tired of recurring UTIs, over-the-counter suppositories, antibiotics, and yeast infections that occur after taking antibiotics, we suggest looking to Quim for your vaginal health needs.

“A self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas™,” reads their website. If that statement doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will.

About Quim

Quim strives to deepen your connection with your body through plant-based care. Co-founders Cyo Nystrom and Rachel Washtien spent years dealing with sadly relatable vaginal health issues, from low libido to allergic reactions to glycerin lube.

Now, they offer formulas that worked for them, and hopefully for you too. The term “Quim” being a nickname for vagina, the brand understands that happier quims and better sex leads to an improved state of living.

Even better, you can achieve this through the natural powers of plant-based medicine.

Break The Cycle

If you’re a regular lube user, does the following sound familiar?

Picture this. You’re in the heat of the moment and remember you have a half-empty bottle of drugstore lube on your bedside table. Not thinking of the potential consequences, you slathered your kitty up for a good time.

Here’s the kicker. Your vaginal bacteria is now feeding off the sugar in that glycerin-based lube, leading to a painful UTI. Antibiotics can help, right? Temporarily, yes, until you’re left with a yeast infection after wiping out your vagina’s good bacteria.

So, you head to the drugstore for over-the-counter treatments like suppositories that dry you up like Spongebob on land. And just like that, you need lube again. This relatable cycle is the fuel that prompted co-founders Cyo Nystrom and Rachel Washtien to launch Quim.

Treat Your Quim

Quim currently carries four products that empower you to take control of your vaginal health and sexual wellness once and for all.

Smooth Operator Intimate Serum: This hemp CBD-infused serum is latex-free and contains natural ingredients that promote pelvic relaxation, increased blood flow, and reduced inflammation and pain. Containing 3-4mg CBD per serving.

Happy Clam Everyday Oil: Treat your quim to everyday care with this Happy Clam Oil, keeping her moisturized, healthy, and happy. With 1.5-2mg CBD per serving, Quim says to think of it as an ‘eye cream for your vagina’™.

Oh YES! Latex-Safe Serum: The name is self-explanatory. This latex-safe intimate serum is cannabis-infused and contains natural ingredients that promote natural lubrication and enhanced sensations.

Night Moves Intimate Oil: Enhance your late-night love with Quim’s cannabis-infused Night Moves intimate Oil, designed to increase sensation, elevate libido, and promote a proactive vaginal health routine.

For more information about Quim, visit their website at

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