Culture | 10.31.2022

Rick Ross Makes His Cannabis Industry Debut With New ‘Hemp Hop’ Brand

Rick wants you to smoke like a boss and experience the game-changing benefits of premium hemp.

There’s no denying that smoking what your favorite celebrity smokes is pretty cool.

What’s even cooler is when they launch an entire brand to ensure their fans are well taken care of when on the hunt for their new favorite products.

If there’s anyone we’d be proud to smoke like, it’s William Leonard Roberts II, but you might know him better as Rick Ross.

For someone who’s experienced his fair share of health troubles, the six-time Grammy-nominated rapper decided to let the world in on what’s been making him feel like a boss once again.

About Hemp Hop

Rick Ross is merging the cannabis culture with hip-hop culture through his recent hemp brand, Hemp Hop.

Of course, the rapper wants to ensure you have the means to smoke like a boss, but the story of Hemp Hop runs far deeper than that. Rick Ross has been open about his health issues in the past. He’s also been vocal about cannabis use and the side effects of smoking tobacco blunt wraps.

When introducing his new Hemp Hop Hemp Wraps, Rick explained how his seizures dramatically reduced when switching out tobacco wraps for hemp papers. It also helped him get a good night’s sleep.

Besides hemp papers, Rick has stated his belief in the therapeutic benefits of hemp products and how they’ve helped improve his health, day-to-day, and overall well-being. That’s what prompted him to launch Hemp Hop, as well as the goal of enabling fans, bosses, and smokers alike to experience the game-changing benefits of hemp-derived products.

About The Smokeables

Mind you, Rick still loves dabbling in cannabis. And he knows his fans do too. However, he’s deeply aware of the toll tobacco wraps had on his health, seizures, and quality of life.

Now, he invites you to experience quality and freshness with Hemp Hop’s flavorful Hemp Wraps. They come in three different flavors (Rozay, Cookies & Creme, Strawberry), and they’re made with 100% premium hemp, containing absolutely no nicotine, tobacco, or harmful additives.

Besides the wraps, Hemp Hop wants to help you relax in style with their Premium Pre-Rolled Hemp CBD Smokeables. These smokes are made from 100% organic hemp, containing 80mg CBD and Delta 8 per roll.

Plus, the brand sources their hemp from the San Joaquin Valley, right next to pistachio, almond, and raisin farms, which lend their flavors and aromas to Rick’s hemp.

Finally, for a mild and smooth sailing high, Hemp Hop brings you their Premium Pre-Rolled Delta 8 Hemp Smokeables. Delta 8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that causes a much more relaxing, clearer, and mild high than its cousin, Delta 9 THC.

With Hemp Hop’s Delta 8 Smokes, you won’t feel lethargic after the high fades. It’s an uplifting experience that calms the body and mind without causing an overbearing high.

When you’re ready to smoke like a boss and experience the benefits of premium hemp from one of hip-hop’s favorite acts, Rick Ross’ Hemp Hop awaits.

For more information about Hemp Hop, visit their website at

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