Photo courtesy of Quavo

Culture | 05.13.2022

Secure The Bag: Quavo’s “Birkinz” Strain Is As Luxury As It Sounds

Instead of giving your girlfriend a Birkin, why not smoke it for yourself?

Rapper Quavo from The Migos is always living lavish. His past girlfriends did too. 

You might have heard of the renowned Birkin Bag, which can set you back about $40,000. 

And these are just the entry-level bags, don’t even get me started on the $300,000 ones. 

Quavo got sick and tired of giving his girlfriends expensive bags. In 2021, Huncho broke it off with rapper Saweetie. 

On her single-lady anthem, “Back To The Streets,” Saweetie encouraged girls to break up with their boyfriends if they’re not buying them luxury bags.

Maybe her expensive taste in handbags inspired the new strain, “Birkinz.”

Photo courtesy of Quavo

The Birkinz strain is not just your average kush. It’s an expensive, luxury strain.

The rapper says, “We got tired of buying the girls Birkins, so we started smoking it, that’s all.”

Alongside the new strain, Quavo is dropping some streetwear in collaboration with Awful Lot from Cough Syrup. 

Some retailers have started selling the strain, which goes for $65 for 3.5g. The package reads, “NoBrokeSmoke.”

Quavo agrees that it’s pricey. 

When asked if the strain is affordable, he replied, “No, sir. No broke smoke. This will be the highest weed you ever smoked.”

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