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Culture | 11.06.2023

SKYMINT Dispensaries: Everything You Need To Know

Stop by any of SKYMINT's 24 locations across Michigan for your cannabis needs.

There are plenty of dispensaries in Michigan. Need help finding one that’s worthwhile? We’ve got something better. How about 24 worthwhile dispensaries offering the top brands and products in the Michigan market?

Anyone who stops by a SKYMINT dispensary praises the shop for its welcoming environment, vast product selection, and exceptional customer service. The brand also carries their own line of premium quality cannabis and related products, ranging from flower to potent moonrocks.

If that’s something of interest, read on to learn more about SKYMINT dispensaries and a few products from their SKYMINT Reserve product line.


SKYMINT isn’t just a line of Michigan dispensaries. With 24 locations and counting, the brand is quickly making a name for itself through excellent retail experiences and premium cannabis offerings. Their SKYMINT Reserve line features top-shelf cannabis flower, live rosin cartridges, moonrocks, diamonds, and sauce. This line was practically designed for connoisseurs, but we’ll get to those products in a moment. 

It’s worth noting that behind SKYMINT dispensaries is a team of creatives, deep thinkers, music lovers, belly laughers, and people who genuinely love cannabis. SKYMINT is here for you, those who appreciate high-quality cannabis and how it can benefit lives everywhere. 

Stop by any of their 24 recreational cannabis dispensaries across Michigan, or order online and opt for curbside pickup. SKYMINT also offers delivery in the following regions:

  • Metro Detroit
  • Greater Ann Arbor
  • Greater Lansing
  • Ottawa County

Need help finding a shop? Visit their Michigan locations’ page to find a SKYMINT dispensary near you.


Photo By SKYMINT Via Facebook

If you’re looking for cannabis and related products with exceptional terpene and cannabinoid profiles, look no further than SKYMINT Reserve. This elevated cannabis line features meticulously-crafted flower and extracts incomparable to anything else in the Michigan market. Check out our favorites from SKYMINT Reserve below.

SKYMINT Reserve Cake Mix Premium Flower

This powerhouse strain is just one example of SKYMINT Reserve’s top-shelf flower offerings. It’s a rich Indica strain with compact green buds and a shimmering layer of trichomes. It’s celebrated for its sweet, dessert-like flavor and similar aroma alongside nutty, cherry, and citrusy undertones. Whether you’re looking to relax or desire euphoric effects, Cake Mix is an excellent choice.

SKYMINT Reserve Solventless Live Rosin Cartridges

It doesn’t get much better than a high-quality live rosin cartridge. Available in a long list of strains across Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, these solventless live rosin carts only contain one ingredient: live rosin. SKYMINT uses their highest quality indoor-grown flower that’s freshly frozen and washed in reverse osmosis water, filtered, freeze-dried, sifted, and pressed. The result is a potent, true-to-plant experience that’s equally as flavorful as it is powerful.

SKYMINT Reserve Moonrocks

Looking to reach the stars? Check out these ultra-potent moonrocks from SKYMINT Reserve. Praised for their heavy-hitting and long-lasting effects, these moonrocks are made with top-shelf strains that are coated with extracts and rolled in kief. These dense and sticky buds will take you to Mars faster than Elon Musk. 

For more products and information about SKYMINT, visit their website at

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