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SnowTree Lets You Take Control Of Glass Cleanliness Once And For All

Easily access those tough bong stains with SnowTree's magnetic glass cleaner, the BoroBuddy.

There’s nothing like a clean bong rip. Coming home after a long day to a shiny glass piece with crystal clear water is something we bong fanatics know all about.

From experience, I’ve learned there are two types of bong users. There’s the eager cleaner who loads their glass with isopropyl alcohol on the daily, and others who grow their own swampy ecosystem for weeks.

Whatever bong user you are, you could benefit from SnowTree’s BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner. Did you know mold and mildew can grow in your bong within 24 hours? Are you aware of the dangers of biofilms that even the fanciest bong solutions can’t destroy?

It’s time you know, for the sake of your health. Learn more about SnowTree, the dangers of dirty bong water, and a problem-solving, genius product that glass lovers can celebrate.

About SnowTree

All it took was a little innovation for SnowTree to make a significant impact on bong users everywhere. It’s a visionary brand that has your best interest in mind, committed to developing and curating products for a cleaner future.

SnowTree is a detail-oriented brand that ensures their products provide consistent experiences that consumers can expect and rely on. More specifically, they enable bong users with the tools to take charge of their bong’s cleanliness once and for all.

The brand strives to enhance your life and well-being through their sought-after goods, like the flagship BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner. Who knew all we needed for clean and clear bong hits was a magnet (or two)?

The Dangers Of Dirty Bongs

Besides helping you take control of your glass piece, SnowTree is just as eager to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking from dirty bongs.

Their website hits us with uncomfortably real facts backed by reputable sources, highlighting that biofilms grow anywhere with a combination of moisture, nutrients, and a surface. Not just biofilms, but mold can grow from stagnant water.

SnowTree adds that biofilms are responsible for roughly 80% of human diseases affecting the following body parts:

  • Sex Organs
  • Lungs
  • Mouth
  • Teeth
  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Ears

We hate to tell you, but the alcohol/salt mixture you shake around your glass isn’t cutting it. Maybe you’ve noticed that your bong solution can’t access certain hard-to-reach places, meaning there is a perpetual state of bacteria growth in your glass piece.

And yes, mold spores, mildew, and bacteria grow in your bong after 24 hours. The most reliable way to access these growths and free your glass of biofilm is to do it mechanically. Meet the BoroBuddy Magnetic Class Cleaner.

The Problem-Solving BoroBuddy

Put down your fancy solution and get at those tough strains once and for all.

SnowTree’s BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner lets you easily access those stains through magnetic technology that wipes your glass from the inside while you’re in control from the outside.

This glass cleaning kit comes with everything you need for spick and span glass. The kit includes:

  • One BoroBuddy™ Handle
  • One Bar Magnetic Cleaner
  • One Circular Magnetic Cleaner
  • Ten BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Bar)
  • Ten BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Circle)
  • One Forcep to remove dirty pads

There are 20 total cleaning pads, ten circle-shaped and ten bar-shaped. These cleaning pads attach to your bar or circle magnets, doing the dirty work for you. Simply drop one of your magnets into your glass, then attach your BoroBuddy Handle from outside your glass.

From there, it’s easy cleaning. Scrub away from outside your glass and watch the interior magnet remove those tough stains that bong solutions could never reach.

Shop this essential kit and other needed accessories at SnowTree. For more information about the brand, visit their website at

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