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Culture | 05.16.2022

Spencer Pratt Pitches Reality TV Show About Cannabis Companies

"High Rollers" is the latest idea in the world of cannabis-oriented reality television.

It’s okay to love reality TV.

While some find it mind-numbing and overdone, there’s no denying that some shows are pretty interesting.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of reality TV, you might enjoy Spencer Pratt’s idea for a new show.

The star of MTV’s The Hills recently announced that he wants to create a reality show about the cannabis company, Cannabiotix.

Reports say that all Pratt is waiting for is a network to hop on board.

The show would;

  • Take a close-up look at Cannabiotix’s operations
  • Help us get to know the company and its employees
  • Introduce us to its founders, Eran Haroni and Neema Samari

Pratt wants to create several iterations of the show. Like the Real Housewives franchise but with a cannabis company spin.

What better name for a cannabis reality show than High Rollers? That’s about all we know, considering the show hasn’t been noticed by a network and is still in the works.

For someone who was once seen as “The King of Weed,” the new show is an appropriate move for Pratt. He was allegedly smoking weed by the age of 15 and would share his big bags with anyone who wanted to smoke up.

While we didn’t see much of that on MTV’s The Hills, we can’t wait to see some behind-the-scenes cannabis content from the mind of Pratt himself.

Again, all he’s waiting for is the green light from a network that loves the idea of High Rollers. Once the show airs, you’ll be the first to know.

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