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Culture | 05.13.2022

The Best Video Games To Get Lost In When You’re Stoned

Zone out in the virtual world of these video games.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than video games after a joint.

It’s a great way to keep your high mind busy and entertained and also lets you do some intense problem-solving that leaves a sense of accomplishment.

Whether you want to drift the celestials or get your fight on, these are our favorite video games to play when stoned.


This one will blow your high mind.

If you’re big on adventures, exploring, and being anything you want, you’ll adore this game.

Everything lets you be anything you imagine, from a molecule to different animals, things, and even galaxies. This game introduces you to philosopher Alan Watts who stated that we are all connected and might just be one giant organism. Plus, you can’t really lose.

Katamari Damacy

It’s up to you to create stars in the galaxies in this video game.

It’s pretty nostalgic but has been through several remakes to fit newer devices like the Nintendo Switch. When the king of the cosmos ruins all constellations, you must take the lead to replenish the galaxies once again. There’s something so satisfying about rolling up stars that pick up everything in their path.

Stranded Deep

Channel your inner survivor with this solo video game.

Stranded Deep takes you through a plane crash in the middle of the ocean, and it’s up to you to survive. You have to travel from island to island, collecting materials for sleeping, transportation, and hunting, and catch your food each day. Also, it helps you pick up some survival tips if this scary situation ever happens in real life.

Nier: Automata

This is arguably one of the best video games to play when high. However, some parts of the game might make you question reality.

The game calls on you to save the world from robots, and you’re an android yourself. The robots are keeping humans from procreating, but it gets very chilling when they begin to show human feelings and emotions. We suggest playing the entire game even through the credits for a final surprise.

Super Mario Bros

When all those games above feel a little too intense, opt for something you’re more familiar with, like Super Mario Bros.

Even if you haven’t played a Mario game before, there’s no denying they’re incredibly fun when high. That said, when you reach the final levels and have to face the different bosses, this game can get very frustrating. It’s best to play with friends for some helpful teamwork.

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