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Upgrade Your Sessions With The Clean, Clear, & Compact Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt invites us to elevate our blunt sessions with their cutting-edge flagship Spiral Glass Blunt.

What’s your preferred consumption method? Many seasoned users will be eager to say blunts. There’s truly nothing like a good old blunt rotation with great friends, great conversation, and premium weed. 

However, like all smoking methods, blunts definitely have their drawbacks. Beginner users may struggle to learn how to roll the perfect blunt, and seasoned users are at risk of developing a nicotine addiction with frequent use. 

Have you ever considered elevating your blunt smoking sessions with a cutting-edge and affordable device? Maybe one that contains zero tobacco and other harmful substances while keeping you high in the sky?

We’re talking about the Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe from Glass Blunt, a team of friends that banded together to make blunts better. See how Glass Blunt is changing the blunt game with their renowned, convenient, and health-forward Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe. 

About Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt comprises a group of friends with one thing in common—a shared passion for smoking blunts in their free time. 

With their shared knowledge and experience of blunts, the team decided to turn their hobby into a full-scale business to help the world smoke better. 

Glass Blunt understood how sacred the blunt-hitting experience is for many people, prompting them to find ways to make blunts better. After thorough research and discoveries, the brand is proud to share the future of blunt smoking through their flagship product, the Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe

Glass Blunt is constantly looking for new, exciting, and innovative ways to improve their product, like the recent addition of a ceramic spiral. See below for more information on the Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe and how it trumps the regular blunt-smoking experience. 

The Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe

Glass Blunt saw three major issues with regular blunts that prompted them to improve sessions everywhere:

1. Blunts are primarily made of tobacco, which increases one’s risk of nicotine addiction and can be harmful to your health. 

2. Filling your blunt with ground weed can be a messy, unpleasant experience. Beginners can have a tough time learning how to perfect the art of blunt rolling, and seasoned users deserve something they can smoke out of almost instantly. 

3. Burning your lips or fingertips on regular blunts is far too easy. 

For those reasons, Glass Blunt designed and launched the renowned Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe, which easily solves the issues above. This Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe is one of the healthiest ways to consume flower, as there are no additional substances or chemicals that may affect your health.

The sleek yet effective spiral system ensures your weed stays secure inside the glass tube, meaning there’s no risk of spilling your precious herb once it’s packed and secured with the ceramic spiral. 

Simply fill the glass tube with your ground herb and screw in the spiral to lock it in. The innovative ceramic spiral not only keeps your weed in place but it lets you remove ash after a hit by twisting the spiral and pushing it out. 

Lastly, the Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe currently sits at $29.99, letting you save money on blunt wraps in the long run. What’s better than a healthy, enjoyable, and innovative session that doesn’t hurt your pockets?

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