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How To Roll A Blunt: Step By Step Guide For The Perfect Roll

Get ready to enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.

Let’s face it, rolling a blunt is an art form.

Like any skill, practice is key, and that applies tenfold when you’re learning how to roll a perfect blunt.

But if you know just a few tips and tricks, blunt rolling can quickly become second nature. If you want to be the go-to blunt roller in your group, this is your guide. Here’s how to roll a blunt step by step.

What You’ll Need To Roll A Blunt

Al Capone Cognac Leaf Wrap

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There is a unique head rush that only the combination of weed and tobacco can give you. If you want to discover it, you need to use the Al Capone Cognac Leaf Wraps, which are not only one hundred percent tobacco, but their flavor has soft notes of Cognac to enhance the taste.

You might have tried some cheap tobacco leaves, but then you haven’t tried the real thing. Al Capone’s leaves come in individual pouches, so they are super fresh when you take them out of the package, and they are pre-cut in the right size so you can roll them as soon as you want your blunt.

Besides, Al Capone’s leaves are really easy to handle as they are stretchy and don’t have thick veins. They even have a self-adhesive strip to help you finish making the coolest blunt you have ever seen. And when you burn it, it will be slow and tasty, thanks to the double leaf wrap. Try it also in rum and in the original flavor.

The Ultimate Pocket Bubbler

Are you ready to take your blunt game to the next level?

The Martian Bubbler is a truly out-of-this-world experience. With its unique design, you can savor the taste of your herbs like never before. The original cone bubbler is protected by USPTO D820,513 and has a custom MJ logo on the base to authenticate its authenticity. The bubbler fits almost all rolled blunts and joint, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

One of the best things about this bubbler is its spill-resistant design. No more wasted herbs! The carb hole is ergonomically placed to allow for a natural grip, and the bubbler comes with both normal and directional airflow carb cap. This means you can customize your smoking experience to your liking.

Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps From Indacloud

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Indacloud Terpene Infused Hemp Wraps are a must-try. Bundle and save to enjoy six delicious flavors.

The terpene-infused hemp wraps offer a unique and aromatic experience. The Blueberry flavor is sweet and fruity, the Grape Punch is bold and tangy, and the Mango Smoothie is smooth and tropical. The Natural flavor provides a classic and neutral option, while the Rainbow Sherbert is a fun and vibrant twist on traditional flavors. And for those with a sweet tooth, the Vanilla flavor offers a creamy and indulgent taste.

Indacloud hemp wraps taste great and are made from high-quality, all-natural materials, free from any tobacco or nicotine additives.

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If Rolling Fails

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The world can seem so big and daunting, the kind of thing that could make you want to curl up into a little ball and never come out again. But you don’t have to stay in that state of fear and anxiety.

You can take a step back, take a deep breath, and reach for the Plain Jane CBD blunt sampler pack. It will help you find your inner peace and balance with its calming ingredients – none of which are psychoactive, and all of which are natural.

It doesn’t require much from you – just your appreciation for fine smoking products and premium flavourful CBD flower. When life is getting a bit too overwhelming, just reach for your Plain Jane sampler pack and let it help you find your center again.

A Rolling Tray

It might get messy; you better have a proper tray to hold your equipment.

To avoid the guesswork and get a functional tray, go with the gorgeous Blunt Father rolling tray from Matriarch.

Carefully designed for blunt rolling, it has everything you need for it to become your total blunt rolling station.

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Blunts are often a good way to smoke your lower-quality stash, but we always recommend mixing in some of your fire too. Try this potent Sativa flower from Botany Farms to experience the euphoric combination of Delta 8 THC and CBD.

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A Grinder

To get an even burning blunt, you want nicely ground weed. That’s why w recommend you use HØJ’s revolutionary KLIP grinder that slices through your bud without munching it, delivering evenly ground, trichome-covered weed.

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Getting Started

For the first method of how to roll a blunt, fold the shorter end of the blunt wrapper under the weed. Roll back and forth using your thumbs. Make sure your index fingers are pressing downward, onto the blunt.

That way, you’ll get a nice tight roll, while also shaping the blunt. Pay attention to the ends; make sure you don’t accidentally seal them up while you’re rolling.

Split The Cigar

Unwrap your cigar

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Now you want to find the “vein” on the cigar– that’s where you split it.

This, like blunt rolling itself, is a learned skill. Lots of people like to moisten the cigar to make it easier to work with.

Use a small knife to do the splitting, always lengthwise, from the butt (the end you smoke on) to the tip (the burning end). If you accidentally poke a hole in the wrapper or it cracks during the process, all is not lost.

You can repair it with the gummy adhesive from rolling papers. Simply cut off the sticky part of rolling papers and use it as tape for your blunt.

Empty The Cigar

Once you’ve split the cigar open, carefully remove its contents. You can just push it out with your thumb.

Be careful; you don’t want to tear the wrapper. (You did get a couple of extra cigars for learning how to roll a blunt, didn’t you?)

Grind The Weed

how to roll a blunt grind the weed

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Now you’ve emptied the cigar, leaving an empty blunt wrapper. It’s time to grind your weed.

Don’t grind the weed into powdery dust. Go for a fluffy consistency when rolling a blunt.

The goal is for there to still be small chunks of weed to facilitate airflow.

Bust that bud up good with the KLIP grinder for a better high. Here’s our guide with all the best weed grinders available right now.

Load The Blunt

how to roll a blunt load it

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Carefully pack your ground cannabis into the blunt wrapper. Load it as full as possible; nobody likes a skinny blunt. Besides, under-loaded blunts are structurally unsound.

They tend to collapse after lighting up, and that’s a waste of good weed. Many seasoned blunt rollers load up the center of the blunt a little more thickly and gently push in on each end.

That helps the blunt even out when you’re rolling, filling out the ends of the rolled blunt again.

Even It Up

roll a blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Make sure the blunt’s contents are evened out. Rub your thumb and index finger up and down the length of the blunt.

Roll The Blunt

roll the blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

There are two main methods of blunt rolling; both work.

If you try them both, you can decide which works best for you. When using either method, carefully heat the rolled blunt with a lighter.

Seal The Blunt

seal the blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Lick the blunt wrapper’s edge, then roll the rest of the wrapper over the moistened part. Voila! Look what a thing of beauty you’ve made. Admire your rolled blunt. Now, burn that thing. Enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.

If you prefer the classic joint, check out RAW Regular Rolling Papers.


How To Roll A Vortex Blunt

how to roll a vortex blunt

Photo via Stone Diesel

No matter your skill level when it comes to rolling, you’ll find that rolling a vortex blunt is simple. Not to mention, it’s far easier to roll than your average blunt.

Vortex blunt wraps come with directions on the back, but this video by Green Clouds will make the process that much easier. Therefore, grab your ganja and get started!

Typically, vortex blunts can hold about a gram of cannabis, but half will do just fine.

First, open up the packaging and grab one blunt or two if you want to get Snoop Dogg high. As can be seen, there are two sides of the stick where you can place your weed.

For the best results, spread your weed (adding kief is even better) evenly on both sides. Be sure to tuck one side while working on the other.

After placing all of your weed inside the wrap, it’s time to begin rolling. Begin by tucking in one side, and from there, simply start rolling. Roll, tuck, roll, tuck, and repeat. It’s that easy.

Before finishing, lick the remaining edges so that everything will remain intact. Once you’re done, pull the stick out, chop off the side, fire that baby up, and enjoy.

How To Roll A Fronto Leaf Blunt

A fronto leaf blunt is a more traditional approach to blunt rolling, stemming from Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands.

You may have heard of “grabba” or “fanta,” nicknames for this particular tobacco leaf used to roll cannabis.

These leaves offer potent smoke with a heady tobacco rush that’s usually stronger than your average blunt wraps. Plus, they’re not as expensive as backwoods or other blunt wraps sold at convenience stores.

When you’re ready to roll a fronto leaf blunt, here’s the rundown. It’s a very simple process if you know your way around regular blunt and joint rolling.

  1. Grab a regular rolling paper, your fronto leaf, a pair of scissors, and your ground herb.
  2. Take a rolling paper and place it on top of the fronto leaf. Cut out the fronto leaf to match the size of the rolling paper. Cut along the leaf’s veins for a more sturdy roll.
  3. Ensure the leaf remains moist and bendable by breathing on it or licking it.
  4. Take your rectangular fronto leaf and fold it in half like a rolling paper, then place your ground herb in the leaf.
  5. Roll it as tightly as possible, tucking the leaf around the weed.
  6. To seal it, place the fronto leaf with weed inside a rolling paper. Seal the blunt by rolling the paper around the weed-filled leaf and licking the adhesive to seal it closed.
  7. Spark up and enjoy!

What Is A Professional Blunt Roller?

Professional blunt rollers, a.k.a PBRs, are highly sought-after within the entertainment industry.

Cannabis-loving celebrities may cherish their weed, but they often don’t have enough time to roll their daily blunts.

Take Snoop Dogg, for example. He’s mentioned that his PBR is always on deck. In fact, he’s formed a personal relationship with Snoop where the roller knows exactly when the rapper needs a blunt.

If he looks frazzled, the PBR rolls one up. When Snoop hears good news, the roller whips up a blunt to celebrate.

Rapper Quavo also has a professional blunt roller, which is actually his assistant, who’s paid about $5,000 a day.

More recently, rapper and recording artist Kid Cudi took to Twitter, asking for “serious inquiries only” for his new professional blunt roller position.

We’re not sure if that position has been filled, but we’re sure he’s not the only celebrity looking for an extra pair of hands and nimble fingers.

Automatic Blunt Rollers

Cost Of An Automatic Blunt Roller

The cost of an automatic blunt roller varies depending on

  • The product’s quality
  • The technology used
  • The brand’s popularity
  • The number of added details or features

When purchasing an automatic blunt roller, expect to drop anywhere from $30 to $150. Again, products with higher price rates will often have different features.

It’s worth noting that spending some money on a device that will roll you blunts for years is worth it, especially if you love the head rush from blunt wraps but don’t know how to roll one yourself.

How To Use An Automatic Blunt Roller

Using an automatic blunt roller is incredibly easy. While different devices will have their own list of directions, they’re all very straightforward.

Simply grind your herb and prepare your blunt wraps by opening them up and discarding the innards.

Next, place your wrap in the machine along with your ground herb, and voila, a rolled blunt in seconds.

Best Automatic Blunt Rollers

Here are some kickass automatic blunt rollers to try for your next sesh.

Best Quality – Powermatic I Manual Cigarette Injector Machine

Best Design – Futurola Tyson Ranch Cone Roller

Best Value – CiGuru TRM016BU Manual Single Cigarette Tube Injector

How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter

Today we get to learn how to roll a blunt with a glass filter tip! You may be wondering why we bother with glass filter tips.

Traditionalists will stay with paper, but new smokers would enjoy this. It allows you to smoke all your herb – no herb gets into your mouth, no resin on the fingers or lips or whatever, and you can take them anywhere.

Open It All Up

Unwrap the leaf, then cut the cigar with a knife in a straight line, going lengthwise. This will open up the cigar and allow you to empty the “guts” into the garbage.

Do not force the guts out, but slide them out gently. Forcing it could tear the cigar.

If you don’t have a knife, you can use your fingers to tear a straight line in the cigar. Start at the top and use your thumbs to begin the tear, then work your way down to the bottom of the cigar.

We are assuming you have already ground your herb. That should go without saying.

Fill It Up & Seal

Moisten the cigar to keep it open.

Then begin to pour in your herb carefully, ensuring you don’t waste any. Spread the weed evenly throughout the blunt. Begin to shape the blunt by folding and rolling it upward around the weed.

As you tuck the wrap around the weed, be sure to keep the blunt tight. Lick the edge of the blunt and begin to press down to secure it. Secure everything except the very end.

Slide In The Glass Filter

Get your glass filter and slide it into the unsealed end of the blunt, and then moisten and seal the end as well. Moisten the outer leaf that you took off earlier and re-roll it back onto the blunt. Then dry it and enjoy it!

Tasty Moon Blunts From Delta Extrax

If you want something strong but reliable, we fully recommend the Delta Extrax Delta 8 + Delta 10 Live Resin 2 Gram Blunt. These are from the folks at Delta Extrax, which are known for being pioneers and innovators in the hemp space with cannabinoids, devices, and some of the most delicious strain-specific combinations around.

Their blunts are no exception. With what they call “moon blunts”, these contain organic flowers that have been covered in high-potency Hydroponic Kief.

These also have over 150ml of their sweet delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, and live resin terpenes, making the flower solid and slower burning, all wrapped up in their high-quality hemp paper. They burn perfectly and are a lifesaver when you want a blunt, but your spliffgami skills are not in the zone today.

The d8 and 10 blunts come in two delicious strains, Blue Dream with delicious blueberry hints and Gelato Hybrid for a strong hemp smell with vanilla undertones. You can learn more about these blunts over here.

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