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How to Roll a Blunt: The Ultimate Guide on Rolling a Blunt Like a Total Boss

Get ready to enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.
how to roll a blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

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Let’s face it. Rolling a blunt is an art form. Like any skill, practice is key, and that applies doubly when you’re learning how to roll a perfect blunt. But if you know just a few tips and tricks, blunt rolling can quickly become second nature. Here’s how to roll a blunt step by step.

What You’ll Need to Roll a Blunt:

Get all your supplies together so that you can stay focused once you get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cigars or Blunt Wraps (it’s always a good idea to have extras, especially when learning how to roll a blunt)
  • Weed (blunts are often a good way to smoke your lower quality stash but we always recommend mixing in some of your fire too)
  • Grinder
  • Small knife
  • Rolling Tray

Method One For Rolling A Blunt

For the first method of how to roll a blunt, fold the shorter end of the blunt wrapper under the weed. Roll back and forth using your thumbs. Make sure your index fingers are pressing downward, onto the blunt. That way, you’ll get a nice tight roll, while also shaping the blunt. Pay attention to the ends; make sure you don’t accidentally seal them up while you’re rolling.

1. Getting Started: Split The Cigar

Unwrap your cigar

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Now you want to find the “vein” on the cigar– that’s where you split it. This, like blunt rolling itself, is a learned skill. Lots of people like to moisten the cigar to make it easier to work with. Use a small knife to do the splitting, always lengthwise, from the butt (the end you smoke on) to the tip (the burning end). If you accidentally poke a hole in the wrapper, or it cracks during the process, all is not lost. You can repair it with the gummy adhesive from rolling papers. There are also ready-to-use blunt wraps available, in case “street cred” doesn’t matter to you, and you want to skip Steps 1 and 2.

2. Empty The Cigar

Once you’ve split the cigar open, carefully remove its contents. You can just push it out with your thumb. Be careful; you don’t want to tear the wrapper. (You did get a couple of extra cigars for learning how to roll a blunt, didn’t you, man?)

3. Grind the Weed

how to roll a blunt grind the weed

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Now you’ve emptied the cigar, leaving an empty blunt wrapper. It’s time to grind your weed. Don’t grind the weed into powdery dust. Go for a fluffy consistency when rolling a blunt. The goal is for there to still be small chunks of weed to facilitate airflow. Bust that bud up good with the KLIP grinder for a better high. Here’s our guide with all the best weed grinders available right now.

Some grinders worth checking out:

Best Quality – Cali Crusher 4-Piece Grinder

Best Design – Marley Natural Wood Grinder

Best Value – Mendo Mulcher 4-Piece Grinder

4. Load The Blunt

how to roll a blunt load it

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Carefully pack your ground cannabis into the blunt wrapper. Load it as full as possible; nobody likes a skinny blunt. Besides, under-loaded blunts are structurally unsound. They tend to collapse after lighting up, and that’s a waste of good weed.  Many seasoned blunt rollers load up the center of the blunt a little more thickly and gently push in on each end. That helps the blunt even out when you’re rolling, filling out the ends of the rolled blunt again.

5. Even It Up

roll a blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Make sure the blunt’s contents are evened out. Rub your thumb and index finger up and down the length of the blunt.

6. Roll The Blunt

roll the blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

There are two main methods of blunt rolling; both work. If you try them both, you can decide which works best for you. When using either method, carefully heat the rolled blunt with a lighter. That helps hold the seal and also promotes a more even burn. Run the lighter lengthwise under the seam and around the outside of the blunt. Don’t hold the lighter too close; you don’t want to ignite the blunt… just yet.

7. Seal The Blunt

seal the blunt

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

Lick the blunt wrapper’s edge, then roll the rest of the wrapper over the moistened part. Voila! Look what a thing of beauty you’ve made. Admire your rolled blunt. Now, burn that thing. Enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.

If you prefer the classic joint, check out RAW Regular Rolling Papers.

Remember: Practice Makes Perfect

Method Two for Rolling the Perfect Blunt:

For the second method of rolling a blunt, roll from the butt to the tip (the burning end). To start, tuck the bottom flap of the blunt wrapper under the top flap on the butt end. Repeat this action as you make your way along the blunt, all the way to the tip.

How to Roll a Vortex Blunt

how to roll a vortex blunt

Photo via Stone Diesel

No matter your skill level when it comes to rolling, you’ll find that rolling a vortex blunt is simple. Not to mention, it’s far easier to roll than your average blunt.

Vortex blunt wraps come with directions on the back, but this video by Green Clouds will make the process that much easier. Therefore, grab your ganja and get started!

Typically, vortex blunts can hold about a gram of cannabis, but half will do just fine.

First, open up the packaging and grab one blunt, or two if you want to get Snoop Dogg high. As can be seen, there are two sides of the stick where you can place your weed. For the best results, spread your weed (adding kief is even better) evenly on both sides. Be sure to tuck one side while working on the other.

After placing all of your weed inside the wrap, it’s time to begin rolling. Begin by tucking in one side and from there simply start rolling. Roll, tuck, roll, tuck, and repeat. It’s that easy.

Before finishing, lick the remaining edges so that everything will remain intact. Once you’re done, pull the stick out, chop off the side, fire that baby up, and enjoy.

How to Roll a Blunt with a Glass Filter

how to roll a blunt with a glass filter

Today we get to learn how to roll a blunt with a glass filter tip! You may be wondering why we bother with glass filter tips. Traditionalists will stay with paper, but new smokers would enjoy this. It allows you to smoke all your herb – no herb gets into your mouth, no resin on the fingers or lips or whatever, and you can take them anywhere

Open It All Up

Unwrap the leaf then cut the cigar with a knife in a straight line, going lengthwise. This will open up the cigar and allow you to empty the “guts” into the garbage. Do not force the guts out, but slide them out gently. Forcing it could tear the cigar. If you don’t have a knife, you can use your fingers to tear a straight line in the cigar. Start at the top and use your thumbs to begin the tear, then work your way down to the bottom of the cigar. We are assuming you have already ground your herb. That should go without saying.

Fill It Up and Seal

roll a glass blunt

Moisten the cigar to keep it open.  Then begin to pour in your herb carefully as not to waste any.  Spread the weed evenly throughout the blunt. Begin to shape the blunt by folding and rolling it upward, around the weed. As you tuck the wrap around the weed be sure to keep the blunt tight. Lick the edge of the blunt and begin to press down to secure it. Secure everything except the very end.

Glass Filter

Get your glass filter and slide it into the unsealed end of the blunt and then moisten and seal the end as well. Moisten your outer leaf that you took off earlier and re-roll it back onto the blunt. Then dry it and enjoy it!

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August 21, 2019 — Last Updated March 05, 2021
Written by Steve Elliott
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August 21, 2019 — Last Updated March 05, 2021
Written by Steve Elliott

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