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Rolling 101: The Differences In Rolling Paper Materials

The most common rolling papers on the market.

There are a ton of rolling papers out there. But how do you know which one to choose?

Additionally, what are the differences between them?

While you might have a go-to paper material for your joints, why not switch things up for a different experience?

After all, different rolling papers;

  • Burn at various rates
  • Have different textures
  • Are better for your health than others.

Keep reading to see which one is best for you.

Hemp Paper

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

You’re probably most familiar with old reliable hemp papers. These papers have become the industry’s standard for rolling joints.

Instead of chopping down forests for wood papers, hemp is sustainably grown and used for different materials. It’s also a “regenerative crop,” meaning it cleanses soil of chemicals and contaminants.

Because these papers are a bit on the thicker side, they make for a super easy roll.

They’re incredibly easy to handle and manipulate. Plus, the slightly earthy flavor totally enhances the taste of your weed.

Wood Pulp Paper

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

Let’s move on to another traditional rolling paper made from wood pulp.

These papers have been around since the dawn of cannabis time, and they were also used to roll personal cigarettes back in the day.

They’re pretty thick, making them very easy to roll. That said, wood pulp papers are slowly moving out of style as more sustainable alternatives meet the market.

Because these papers are quite thick, they can resist humidity, water, and moisture in general.

These papers do burn the slowest, making them sought-after by those who prefer a longer sesh.

Rice Paper

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

Rice papers are very thin but are also a healthier alternative. Because they’re made of natural ingredients (rice), the result is a smooth and tasteless inhale.

However, beginner rollers may have some trouble using rice papers. Because they’re so thin, they don’t hold shape that well and require some skill to stay in place.

Again, the thin nature of rice papers doesn’t do so well with moisture. They can easily tear and get damaged from rough use and water. One clear positive with these papers is how they burn pretty slow.

24K Gold Rolling Paper

Photo courtesy of Shine

The boujee stoner will definitely appreciate these modern papers.

24k gold rolling papers have become incredibly trendy in the evolving cannabis industry. Smokers are constantly looking for new ways to up their game and smoke like a boss.

Enter 24k gold rolling papers; who doesn’t want to use these luxurious sheets?

Interestingly, these papers burn very slowly, making them worth the money.

How much are they? Only around $100 for a pack. Unless you have the cash to drop that much on papers, they might not be the smartest financial move.

There’s no saying which rolling papers are the best. That’s up to you.

Depending on your preferred experience, you may want something more thick and durable, like wood pulp papers. If you’re looking for the classics, definitely opt for reliable hemp rolling papers.

While rice papers might be better for overall lung health, they’re pretty hard to manipulate, especially for beginners.

If you’re down to drop some bucks on slow-burning 24k gold rolling papers, who’s stopping you?

The Gold Standard

HAMP is the gold standard for hemp rolling papers. What does it take to earn that title? You want it to be thin, but firm when it comes to rolling papers. Filmy papers can be hard to manipulate and just rip.

You want your rolling paper that allows a generous airflow to make your weed burn evenly and slow. And, you want it not to leave any flavor that would disguise the precious terpenes flavor of your favorite strain.

Besides, it comes in a beautiful package that fits in your pocket and looks so good that you would like to smoke anywhere so everyone can see it.

That is HAMP for you, the gold standard of hemp rolling papers from the Danish HØJ brand. You can have 33 top-quality hemp papers and 32 filters and a tray to have the best smoke you have ever had.

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