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PAX’s Flower Vs. Concentrate Devices: Which Should You Choose?

Not sure which PAX to choose from? This guide is for you.

Are you a flower fan or a concentrate connoisseur? Do you prefer the convenient disposable nature of pods or prefer to load concentrates and flower yourself?

Whichever vaporizer method you prefer, PAX has something for you. That said, choosing between PAX’s devices can be tricky. Each PAX brings something unique to the table. In order to find a device that’s right for you, knowing the differences between these vaporizers is essential.

Below, we’ve included an in-depth rundown of PAX’s flower and concentrate devices, along with the benefits and potential drawbacks of each. Read on to learn more about which PAX device is right for you.

Concentrate: PAX Era

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PAX recently re-engineered its PAX Era device to deliver 50% bigger, more potent hits by producing more vapor faster. This is a concentrate device that works with PAX Pods, which you can find online or at your local dispensary under various brands.

One of the biggest advantages of the PAX Era is being able to switch pods and experience different concentrates inside a sleek pod system that’s already filled for you. You can choose from various strains and blends without loading them yourself.

Additionally, the new anti-clog feature automatically breaks down and prevents clogs to ensure you have big, flavorful, and consistent hits with each draw. Plus, you can personalize your Era’s temperature settings with the Pop-and-Click technology. Pop your pod in and then out again to toggle through four unique temperature settings.

If you’re a concentrate lover but prefer the convenience of pre-filled pods across various unique strains, the PAX Era is your best bet.

Flower: PAX Mini

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For flower vapers who prefer to remain discreet with a small yet mighty device, check out the PAX Mini. This is PAX’s smallest device to date, but it packs a punch.

Besides being a high-quality flower vaporizer, the main benefit of the PAX Mini is its discreet nature and small size. You can take it anywhere without anyone batting an eye. It fits snuggly into your pocket and is always ready for a hit.

More specifically, the PAX Mini has a simple one-button function with no additional settings, heating up within 22 seconds. The battery can last for 2+ hours of continuous use on one charge, making it fast, reliable, and easy to use.

The PAX Mini was designed for flower. The brand’s motto, “heat, never burn,” applies to this device heavily, as the PAX Mini heats your flower for maximum flavor and aroma without the scratchy and harsh hits of smoke. You can also pre-load your bowl inside the chamber and keep it secure with the magnetic oven lid.

Finally, the PAX Mini is an excellent device for solo sessions. Because it’s slightly smaller, it can be packed and emptied fast. In terms of cleaning, the PAX Mini reigns supreme. It doesn’t use concentrates, which can get pretty messy in the chamber. Regardless, the PAX Mini features a new 3D oven screen that easily pops out for deep cleaning.

This device has a 2-year warranty and comes with flat and raised mouthpieces, an oven lid, a maintenance kit, and a charging cable. If you prefer to vaporize natural dried flower in the most discreet way possible, the PAX Mini is for you.

(Psst, check out PAX’s Infused Flower Pucks With Full Melt Hash, which fit perfectly inside the oven of your PAX Mini and PAX Plus).

Flower + Concentrate: PAX Plus

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Connoisseurs rave about the efficiency and versatility of the renowned PAX Plus. It’s a dual-use vaporizer, meaning it works with flower and concentrates.

This elite vaporizer lets you adjust the size of your bowl when using the included oven lids (Standard and Half-Pack Oven Lids). It comes with a concentrate insert that lets you load your favorite concentrate into the oven effortlessly.

Just like the PAX Mini, the PAX Plus also features a new 3D oven screen that’s easily removable for deep cleaning, which is a necessity for concentrate devices. It also has a re-designed multi-tool and included brush to help you keep the device spick and span to make the most of your flower and concentrate.

The PAX Plus heats up in 22 seconds, and its battery can last for 2+ hours on one charge. Similar to the PAX Mini, the Plus comes with a magnetic oven lid to help you pre-load concentrates or flower and keep them secure inside the oven.

The PAX Plus comes with flat and raised mouthpieces, standard and half-pack oven lids, a concentrate insert, a multi-tool, a maintenance kit, and a charging cable. Plus, it’s backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Which Device Is Right For You?

The three devices mentioned above all bring something unique to the table that can benefit different vapers and their preferences.

If you’re a concentrate lover but prefer the convenience of pre-filled pods across various unique strains, the PAX Era is your best bet. If you prefer the natural and traditional consumption of cannabis flower, opt for the small yet mighty PAX Mini, the smallest PAX device that brings out the best in your favorite strains.

For maximum versatility, the PAX Plus is the star of the show. It’s the brand’s latest device that merges concentrate and flower vaporization in one innovative, sleek, and intuitive device. Choose your fighter and experience the finest in cannabis vaporizers today.

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