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Learn | 01.04.2023

The New Anti-Clog PAX Era Brings Bigger, Stronger Hits In One Discreet Device

End your search for anti-clog temperature-control vaporizers with the new and improved PAX Era.

Vaporizers are constantly improving. From new features to hardware updates, vaporizer companies are pumping out nothing but innovation. Brands like PAX have dominated the vape market with best-in-class software and hardware since launching in 2007.

PAX takes pride in crafting responsible, enjoyable, and personalized cannabis experiences through world-class vaporizers that bring out the best in your flower and concentrate.

Although the brand has wowed consumers with its dual-use vaporizers like the renowned and new PAX Plus, they understand that not everyone needs the option of switching out flower and concentrates.

If you’re looking for an effortless vaporizer with a high-quality and convenient pod system, look no further than the new and improved PAX Era. Learn more about how PAX re-engineered this device below.

The New PAX Era

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If you loved your classic PAX Era, you might want to consider switching it out for the brand’s new and improved version. Not that the first PAX Era doesn’t do the job, but the re-engineered version is truly every vaper’s dream.

Today’s PAX Era delivers 50% bigger, more potent hits to help you blow clouds on clouds. Another impressive addition is the new anti-clog feature. Vapers everywhere know the frustration of seeing your vape, wanting a hit, and attempting to unclog it until you’re red in the face.

With the new PAX Era’s anti-clog feature, you’re destined for easy, consistent, and flavorful draws from your favorite PAX Pod. This reliable pocket-sized vaporizer also comes in a variety of new colors, including:

  • Ultra Pink
  • Ultra Green
  • Ultra Blue
  • Black

See below for more information about the new PAX Era features.

Bigger Hits

Besides the needed anti-clog feature, which automatically breaks up and prevents clogging, the PAX Era was designed to produce more vapor faster. PAX knows that vapers love instant, cloudy hits, and their new Era device does just that. More specifically, it provides 50% bigger clouds while remaining sleek, discreet, and portable.

Temperature Control

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One of PAX’s slogans is “Heat, Never Burn.” This emphasizes the need to steer away from butane lighters that mask the flavor of your weed with chemicals that should never be inhaled.

Luckily, the patented temperature control within the PAX Era heats, never burns, to produce consistent flavors and aromas from your first draw to the last. The user-friendly and convenient Pop-and-Click technology lets you toggle between four temperature settings for personalized hits.

Premium Pods

Finally, the PAX Era experience wouldn’t be complete without the superior, clean, and flavorful PAX Era Pods.

Made from food-grade materials and tested to medical standards, PAX’s pods are certified free of toxins, contaminants, and heavy metals. Their patented temperature control, paired with their leading pod technology, ensures you make the most of your oil until the very last drop.

For more information about the PAX Era device, visit PAX’s website at

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