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The Best Concentrate Vapes Of 2023

Experience the world of concentrate vaping the right way.

Concentrate vaporizers have a special place in our hearts. They introduced consumers to an entirely new, potent, and flavorful way to consume cannabis. However, vapes are made differently from company to company, and finding one that truly brings out the best of your cannabis can be challenging. That’s where PAX steps up to the plate.

No one does vaping better than PAX. The brand has been in business since 2007 and has since become the most trusted retailer of dry herb, concentrate, and dual-use vaporizers. Reliable devices like the PAX Era are now new and improved with added features for a superior vaping experience with the company’s many PAX Pods.

If you’re more of a dual-use vaper who adores puffing on flower and concentrates, the PAX Plus has you covered. Below, we dive deep into both these renowned concentrate vaporizers and how they can benefit every session. Read on to learn more about the best concentrate vapes on the market.


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PAX recently re-engineered its PAX Era device to produce 50% bigger, more potent hits. Grab any PAX Pod of your choice (and there are lots of them), and experience what the new and improved PAX Era can do for you.

It also features an intuitive anti-clog feature to ensure your vape is ready whenever you need it. It automatically breaks up and prevents clogs, so you don’t have to do it manually.

The patented temperature control evenly and consistently heats your pod’s concentrate to bring out the best possible flavors and aromas without masking them with yucky butane torches and lighters.

Simply toggle between four temperature settings with PAX’s Pop-and-Click technology. Pop your pod out and back in for an easy temperature switch. Get all of this in one portable, iconic, and discreet device.

PAX Plus

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PAX makes vaping personal. The brand understands that seasoned users admire versatility in a device, letting them switch up their routines while staying true to their favorite strains and concentrates. That’s where the PAX Plus comes in handy.

This is the ultimate dual-use vaporizer, designed for smooth sessions that bring out the true intended flavors, aromas, and potencies of your concentrate and flower. Say goodbye to harsh, butane-masked smoke and hello to flavorful, smooth hits.

It also comes with included oven lids to adjust your bowl size depending on your preferences. Not to mention the flat and raised mouthpieces to help you further personalize each session. The new PAX Plus was designed for less gunk and more funk, thanks to the easily-removable 3D oven screen, redesigned multi-tool and included brush for easy cleaning.

As PAX would say, “heat, never burn.” The PAX Plus steers clear of butane and never combusts your herb or concentrate. Instead, it features the following four Experience Modes to control your session with the click of a button:

  • Stealth
  • Efficiency
  • Flavor
  • Boost

Finally, the PAX Plus lets you puff on the go confidently, knowing your device will last for 2+ hours and your stash will stay secure under the oven lid. Elevating your sessions has never been easier. Get your PAX Plus today.

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