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What Kentucky And The Hindu Kush Have In Common

The birthplace of kush is geographically aligned with Kentucky, perhaps the state was always meant to grow top class flower. Created with Cornbread Hemp.

The Hindu Kush appears like a scar across Central Asia, an astonishing mountain range that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s a place of great importance for Buddhist history. Many say there lies one of its earliest cradles.

It also has a series of particular environmental conditions that allowed the first indica strains of cannabis to originate and endure. It’s home to the legendary Hindu Kush weed, named after its birthplace.

The mountain range is crossed by the 37th parallel, one of the many imaginary east-west lines drawn on Earth to understand its geography.

This specifical line also crosses through some American states, including parts of Kentucky and California. 

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

As well as its Asian antipode, Kentucky is rich in soil and has suitable sunlight cycles, craved by marijuana plants, due to its spot in the 37th parallel.

Around 7073 miles away from the Hindu Kush region, but along this same imaginary line, the USA is strongly bidding on this state’s hemp production, which has been taking place since 1775 here.

A lucky series of environmental characteristics that have merged in Kentucky make it one of the finest hemp-producing states in the US, and that’s why Cornbread Hemp’s products are so astounding.

They are one of the best organic CBD products in the country, with a clean bill of third-party lab tests and certified by the USDA. 

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Grown in Kentucky, Eric Zipperle and Jim Higdon make full-spectrum CBD products like oils, tinctures, gummies, capsules, some cosmetics, and even oils for pets. 

However, the company’s history is also fascinating, getting its name from the “Cornbread Mafia,” a group of outlaws that cultivated cannabis in Kentucky and were eventually caught in the 1980s.

They were the most prominent domestic marijuana syndicate in the United States and have been very well known since then. 

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Besides being an interesting story, the astonishing part is how this group of people rediscovered the enormous potency the location has for hemp production.

According to Jim Higdon, writer of the book “The Cornbread Mafia,” men figured out that seeds brought back from Southeast Asia grew well in this region.

You might know why by now: because of the 37th parallel.  

Hidgon affirms that all strains of indica that originated in the Hindu Kush tend to prefer a set of particular light cycles. It happens that Kentucky has these same ones since they’re both located on this same latitude line.

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Hidgon also explains that the amount of light the plants receive allows them to enter the flowering stage properly, which is the one used to extract components for production.

Also, the region has fitting microclimates and rich soil because of its enormous limestone-filtered waters, unlike its dry antipode.

Like with hemp, Kentucky is well known to be prime soil for bourbon and racehorses; it’s all something that couldn’t happen quite like this under different ecological conditions.

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp’s oils only use the plant’s flower, so you can count on them being high purity and quality products.

They take advantage of the fact that this 37th parallel and the Bluegrass basin contribute to excellent hemp, and therefore, high-quality and organic products.

They have found a way to make full-spectrum CBD products, causing their oils and tinctures to have 99% pure CBD, allowing a better experience and sense of wellbeing.

This company has discovered a way to celebrate the story of hemp in the bluegrass region and the Hindu Kush plant and mountain range, the origin of all indica strains.

Experience a synergy between antipodes that makes for a proper high. 

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