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Learn | 02.27.2023

How To Care For Your PAX Plus

Make the most of this new device with proper cleaning and maintenance tips.

Are you taking good care of your new PAX Plus? This is the industry’s finest portable dual-use vaporizer. It was designed to heat your herbs and concentrates while producing smooth, butane-free vapor in a sleek, portable fashion.

After a few sessions, your PAX Plus might be calling for help, and that’s totally normal. As the proud owner of this state-of-the-art device, you are responsible for caring for, maintaining, and cleaning it. After all, we know you desire great sessions every time, so cleaning your PAX is essential.

Below, we’ve included maintenance tips regarding your PAX Plus and a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean it, which is almost effortless. Read on to learn more.

Caring For Your PAX Plus

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Your PAX Plus will perform perfectly during your first few sessions. After a while, debris can build and hinder the quality of your sessions. If you’re looking to make the most of this new device, caring for it is essential. See some tips below.

Quick Clean The Oven: You don’t always have to do a deep clean to get great hits from the PAX Plus. Most of the time, all it takes is dumping your herbs from previous sessions and wiping down the oven chamber with a paper towel or cotton swab. Be sure to dump your herbs after every session to avoid the build-up of debris, which limits the device’s airflow.

Store It Properly: The beautiful PAX Plus has a sleek matte finish, so it’s only appropriate to maintain it. The best way to do that is with PAX’s Smell Proof Stash Bag, which conceals all odors, presents a discreet design, and maintains the exterior design to keep your device looking brand-spankin’ new.

Clean All Parts: See below for our step-by-step guide on how to clean your PAX Plus. It’s incredibly easy to get into the nooks and crannies of this device. Be sure to isolate all moving parts like the flat and raised mouthpieces, oven lids, and oven screen, and see how to clean them below.

How To Clean Your PAX Plus

Photo courtesy of PAX

Not only is the PAX Plus the most efficient portable vaporizer on the market, but it cleans like a dream. The team behind PAX put convenience at the forefront when designing their devices, ensuring easy cleaning to help you make the most of this cutting-edge vaporizer.

See below for a step-by-step guide on how to clean your PAX Plus. You’ll need a pipe cleaner, cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol, and a dry paper towel.

Step 1: Remove the oven lid located on the bottom of your device. This exposes the oven chamber where you pack your herbs and concentrates. Remove the 3D oven screen and place both the oven lid and 3D oven screen into a small dish with isopropyl alcohol. You can also add your mouthpieces to the dish. Let soak for a few minutes.

Step 2: Once your oven is exposed, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and get into the oven’s nooks and crannies. Scrub off any stains and debris.

Step 3: Before drying your pieces and reassembling the device, insert a pipe cleaner into the bottom airpath hole. Once the pipe cleaner pops out from the top, pull it out slowly to give the airpath a good wipe.

Step 4: Take your paper towel and dry any areas and pieces you used with isopropyl alcohol. Reassemble the device, and voila, your PAX Plus is as good as new.

For best practices, clean your PAX Plus every few sessions, perhaps after every session if you use concentrates. In order to make the most of this state-of-the-art vaporizer, proper cleaning and maintenance are a must.

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