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3 Smoking Methods That Use The Least Amount Of Bud (But Get You The Highest)

So, you’re running low on bud and you want to get as high as possible. What do you do? here are a couple of tricks to stretch out your cannabis experience.
3 Smoking Methods That Use The Least Amount Of Bud (But Get You The Highest)

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So, you’re running low on bud and you want to get as high as possible. What do you do? There are a couple of tricks and tips to stretch out your cannabis experience. Here are three smoking methods that use the least amount of bud but will get you the highest:

1. Gravity bong

A lot of people feel that bongs make them higher than a simple joint. This is perhaps because bongs allow you to take large hits, which make you feel more high very quickly. With something like a joint or a pipe, you may need to take several hits in order to feel the hazy cannabis headrush.

However, using a regular bong alone still risks wasting some of your precious cannabis flower. To really pack the smoke into your lungs, a gravity bong is the way to go. While certainly not the healthiest way to consume cannabis, a gravity bong collects a huge amount of cannabis smoke into one concentrated area.

Gravity bongs are often made with simple household materials. Most often, people use two different sized water bottles and aluminum foil. Smoking out of plastic water bottles and aluminum foil is considered hazardous to your health, as both products can off-gas when heated to high temperatures.

Regardless, gravity bongs are still one of the most common ways to make a tiny amount of bud feet like a lot. As the name suggests, gravity bongs take advantage gravity to capture smoke into a container. Unlike traditional bongs, the smoke from a gravity bong is not actually filtered by the water.

Instead, water provides surface tension and pressure which keeps smoke contained in a small chamber. From there, consumers can inhale the collected smoke and use water tension to push more smoke into their lungs. This smoking method conserves material and gets you high AF.

2. Steamroller

A steamroller pipe is sort of akin to taking a large, dry pull from a bong. Glass steamrollers can be purchased at head shops, but these are also fairly easy to make from household materials. An empty Pringle’s container is a popular choice for many, though this also isn’t the safest smoking device.

Unlike a traditional pipe, steamrollers give you a massive hit. This hit is also not filtered by water, meaning that a bunch of smoke is sent straight into your lungs. To make a steamroller at home, you can affix a pre-rolled joint or a bowl piece to one side of a Pringles container or tube.

If using a bowl piece, it is recommended to use some glue or some sort of sealant around the edge to prevent excess smoke from escaping. It’s necessary to make sure the mouthpiece end remains open while the opposite side of the container is sealed tight. Then, you simply inhale and get ripped.

3. Rosin

Have a hair straightener laying around? If you’ve only got a tiny amount of bud and are looking for a hit akin to dabbing, the ol’ hair straightener trick might come in handy.

Using a hair straightener, you can press a bud between some parchment paper. The heat from the hair straightener will melt the wax onto the parchment paper, leaving you with some sticky rosin to dab or to add on top of some shake.

Advanced techniques

3 Smoking Methods That Use The Least Amount Of Bud (But Get You The Highest)

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If you’re really scraping crumbs, there are a couple of tricks that may help you enhance your high. Eating dark chocolate or mango at least 30 minutes before a smoke session may give your cannabis experience a boost.

Dark chocolate (the darker the better) contains compounds that may increase the body’s circulation of anandamide, which is the bliss molecule equivalent to the human version of THC. Aim for chocolate that is at least 70 percent cocoa.

Mangoes are thought to be high in an aroma molecule called myrcene, which is thought to provide the sedative effects in some indica cannabis strains. Eating mango before your smoke session may help increase the relaxing and sedative effects of the herb.

August 12, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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August 12, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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