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WEEKENDERS Provides Cannabis For Enhancement, Striving To Help You Feel Good

WEEKENDERS wants to help you do you, but better.

Why do you use weed? No matter how you view it, everyone’s answer to this question is different. 

Some prefer using cannabis to feel that euphoric high, while others look to the plant for mental and physical relaxation without feeling overly stimulated. 

Everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique, and smokers deserve easy access to varying strains, potencies, and effects to achieve their preferred state of bliss. When it comes to the many pre-roll options at WEEKENDERS, finding your perfect match is effortless. 


WEEKENDERS isn’t your typical cookie-cutter cannabis brand offering the highest potency products to blast you out of this world. While some of their pre-rolls are high potency, WEEKENDERS offers cannabis for all. 

Rather than only getting high, WEEKENDERS sees cannabis as a tool to help you feel better than you did before. WEEKENDERS believes in enhancement over intoxication, helping you lift your spirits and elevate your mood no matter what your schedule looks like. 

Whether it’s jam-packed with dull meetings or you’re heading to a party, WEEKENDERS is there for you. They provide a “blissful shift in consciousness without losing control,” reads their website

WEEKENDERS’ strains are sun-grown by the most sustainable farms in California. They’re rooted in the Emerald Triangle and the surrounding Humboldt County area, ensuring you’re only smoking the cream of the crop. 

Pre-Rolls For Enhancement

WEEKENDERS currently offers seven pre-rolls, each coming in their own pack of seven or in singles. 

No matter the type of consumer you are, WEEKENDERS has a pre-roll for you. The team understands that not everyone is looking for the same experience. While some users search for wickedly high THC content, others look for high-CBD strains that promote clarity and a focused mind. 

See the seven pre-rolls below and find your perfect match. 

WEEKENDERS PLAY: This soothing and balanced pre-roll contains 10% THC and 6% CBD for a light dose of euphoria and a lifted spirit. 

WEEKENDERS CHILLFor an ultra-relaxing experience, opt for the WEEKENDERS CHILL Pre-Roll, with 4.5% THC and 10% CBD. 

WEEKENDERS DRIFT: Drift into euphoria and bliss with 16% THC and 4% CBD. 

WEEKENDERS LIFT: Looking for something higher in THC? Lift your spirits with this Sativa strain carrying 23% THC. 

WEEKENDERS DREAM: For high-THC Indica lovers, dream your way into relaxation with 29% THC. 

WEEKENDERS GLOW: 34% THC, anyone? This powerful hybrid strain will have you glowing all weekend long. 

For more information about WEEKENDERS, visit their website at

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