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Culture | 05.11.2023

Welcoming And Beautiful, The Apothecarium Provides The Complete Dispensary Experience

Here's a dispensary that's sure to please.

Dispensaries are hit or miss. Maybe their product selection is impressive, but their customer service isn’t meeting your standards. Perhaps the shop’s design is contemporary and stunning, but you can’t find the right product for your specific needs.

For the complete dispensary experience, head to The Apothecarium. This premium cannabis dispensary serves recreational users and medical patients with high-quality care and products. Their shops are beautiful, clean, and waiting for a visit.

Below, we’ve included a few best-selling products from The Apothecarium and a brief rundown on what to expect during your visit. Read on to learn more.

About The Apothecarium

Founded in 2011 by three first cousins and two family friends in San Francisco, The Apothecarium has quickly become a fan-favorite dispensary in California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

In fact, their shops aren’t just friendly and welcoming but beautiful. The Apothecarium’s flagship San Francisco Castro dispensary was named the best-designed dispensary nationwide by Architectural Digest.

Here, you’ll experience what the staff is best known for, emphasizing education and customer service for all, especially seniors, first-timers, and medical patients with specific conditions. They even offer free cannabis education events open to anyone and everyone.

Here’s a list of The Apothecarium’s dispensary locations. Stop by today or order online for pickup or delivery.


New Jersey


Below, we’ve highlighted a few popular products offered at The Apothecarium. Be mindful that products vary by location, so check out their website to see which products are available in your area.

Organic Remedies Watermelon Z

This is one of The Apothecarium’s most popular flower options, and it’s a heavy hitter. Prepare for a cough or two when sparking up this bad boy.

Watermelon Z from Organic Remedies is a powerhouse hybrid strain clocking in at 31.65% THC. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this potent and delicious strain produces instant effects of calm, clarity, euphoria, and relaxation.

It’s a balanced hybrid that doesn’t produce heavy couch-lock effects but keeps you aware and observant while high in the sky. Its aromas are quite subtle, with fruity and earthy notes, alongside a watermelon-esque flavor that dances on the tongue. Get yours now and experience this powerful strain for yourself.

Cresco Bio Jesus Cartridge

Reigning from the heavens is Creso’s Bio Jesus Cartridge, a flavorful and potent vape cart ready to wash away your sins.

This cartridge is a relaxing Indica featuring a genetic blend of Bio Diesel and Gumbo to produce this exceptional concentrate. It’s a distillate cart that features 82.11% THC alongside terpenes like Beta Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool.

The result is a wildly flavorful and potent vaping experience, producing effects like happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. It’s perfect for beating end-of-day stress while helping you hit the hay.

1906 Boost Discovery Tin 30mg

Edible lovers rave about these fast-acting capsules. Brought to you by 1906, their Boost Discovery Tin 30mg features 10 capsules loaded with THC.

More specifically, inside each capsule is hybrid genetics alongside a whopping 30mg THC and 1mg CBD. Better yet, they take effect faster than regular edibles, so you’ll be feeling high in the sky in no time.

Since it features hybrid genetics, expect to feel a balanced high with happiness, energy, mental relaxation, and euphoria. Try them for yourself and experience what 30mg fast-acting edibles can do for you.

For more products and information about The Apothecarium, visit their website at

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