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West Coast Cure Are Hardcore OGs Elevating The Connoisseur’s Lifestyle

Expect nothing less than fire weed at West Coast Cure.

Exploring the cannabis market is exciting. There’s always a brand that claims to be the best, but we all know it takes some serious trial and error to find your favorite.

Unpopular opinion; brands that launched after the federal 2018 Farm Bill might not have your best interest in mind. After all, the number of cannabis brands skyrocketed after the Farm Bill. Sort of makes you think these companies were in it for the profits all along.

That prompts the question, which brands can you trust for high-quality weed? We suggest brands that think like you, act like you, and smoke like you. Nonconformists have been up and running long before there was hope for a legal landscape.

Brands like West Coast Cure that pride themselves on providing fire weed will always have your back. West Coast Cure is your final stop on the hunt for a brand you can relate with.

About West Coast Cure

After winning the first NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates in 2012, West Coast Cure had a clear vision of its goal within the blossoming cannabis industry.

The team behind the brand has spent decades hunting and hand-selecting the gassiest, strongest, and most potent strains to satisfy even the toughest canna critics. They’ve carefully grown relationships with skilled cultivators and innovative wax artists to ensure their consumers are only receiving what connoisseurs deserve.

West Coast Cure’s team of hardcore OGs strive to ensure you have fire weed for each sesh. After all, this is the same group of nonconformists who have been well-versed in the cannabis space since prohibition.

This isn’t some brand that entered the market after the 2018 Farm Bill for a cash-crab business venture. At West Coast Cure, it’s more than just dope weed at great prices; it’s cannabis with a heart.

Top-Shelf Flower & Premium Concentrates

West Coast Cure has some mighty fine strains. Its 3.5g of Garlic Juice currently sits on the top 10 list of best-selling flower in California, according to industry data firm Headset.

That’s not much of a surprise, considering the brand is known for its premium quality products that elevate the OG lifestyle for true connoisseurs. West Coast Cure only works with expert cultivators who never cut corners and always pay close attention to the harvesting and curing processes.

The result? Only the stickiest strains with ultra-visible trichomes packed with beneficial terpenes for an otherworldly smoking experience you simply can’t find elsewhere. Details like these make West Coast Cure’s cannabis a true treat for OG smokers, dabbers, and edible munchers.

On a more personal note, the brand has shared its gratification for knowing consumers savor their fresh, aromatic, and potent flower. To ensure you’re only buying the freshest of the fresh, keep an eye out for the brand’s Fresh Drop badge with the most recent delivery date.

From flower and pre-rolls to vapes, concentrates, and edibles, find exactly what you’re looking for and more at West Coast Cure, the choice of connoisseurs.

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