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Culture | 05.16.2022

Woody Harrelson Opens “The Woods,” WeHo Dispensary & Consumption Lounge

"It's the greatest day that I've had in a long time."

West Hollywood is quickly becoming a hub for cannabis consumption lounges.

The city is doing some major rebranding to expand cannabis tourism and let consumers indulge in various indoor venues.

Wouldn’t it be great if one of these lounges was backed by a celebrity and passionate cannabis advocate?

That’s what guests are in for when heading into The Woods, Woody Harrelson’s new dispensary and consumption lounge.

About The Woods

Photo by The Woods

Harrelson’s debut dispensary and consumption lounge opened with a ribbon-cutting on May 13.

There were a ton of familiar faces at the grand opening.

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the mayor of West Hollywood, Lauren Meister, and the head of West Hollywood’s chamber of commerce, Genevieve Morrill, were both at the event.

The Woods is located at 8271 Santa Monica Boulevard. For Harrelson, the new dispensary and consumption lounge is his baby. It’s a zen and modern space with a warm boutique, cabin-like feel.

The beautiful consumption lounge sits in the lush backyard garden. With a koi pond and abstract paintings, it’ll be hard to pass up such a beautiful place to consume your favorite products.

“Hopefully, we can make the West Hollywood Citizens a little bit higher,” Harrelson said at the ribbon-cutting.

Behind The Woods

Photo by The Woods

Harrelson has always toyed with the idea of opening his own dispensary. He wanted his space to be two-in-one, offering products and on-site consumption.

“I never did like the idea that you couldn’t consume on-site, as you can in say, you know, Amsterdam.”

As unfortunate as it sounds, Amsterdam coffee shops want to ban tourists for a few reasons;

  • Tourists will indulge in drugs and become stupidly intoxicated
  • The city wants to change its image as the world’s international drug capital
  • Make the city more liveable and reduce its “over-tourism”

Think organic, sun-grown flowers in terms of what you’ll find at The Woods. Worry not; it still carries a bunch of high-end goodies that you’d find at any dispensary.

But for Harrelson, he’s grown to love pure organic, California sun-grown herb. He believes that growers were forced indoors due to the War on Drugs.

“We won the war on drugs here in California for this plant. Let’s bring it outdoors where it belongs.”

Furthermore, Harrelson attests that “the quality is so much better” when grown outside.

Besides flower, there’s an array of products to shop at The Woods. You’ll adore the shop’s variety, from pre-rolls and edibles to extracts and cartridges.

The Woods is located at 8271 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

For more information, visit its website at

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