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News | 12.20.2021

Deal Alert: Genius Pipe OG + Mini Combo Is On Sale Now

Don't miss out on the Genius Pipe gift that keeps on giving.

Genius Pipes gets us; they understand the importance of effective, clean, and easy seshes. They also understand how some things just go better together. 

If it weren’t for Mary, there would be no Jane, not to mention our beloved Cheech and Chong. Without 4, what would 20 even mean? When smoking on your modern and innovative Genius Pipe, these are the questions to ponder. 

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s not too late to get your hands on the best duo yet, Genius Pipe’s OG + Mini Combo. 

The new deal contains the Genius Gadget Original and a free Genius Mini. Whether you want to keep one for yourself or gift it to a friend, the choice is yours, but you’ll probably want to keep both. 

For $164.00, experience the absolute modernity and usefulness of the innovative Genius Pipe and its mini sidekick.

Sometimes, a mini pipe is just what we need to stay discreet and keep our seshes on the low.

Both pipes are sleek and thin, great for portability, and they each come ready to use with one Genius TruTaste screen and EVOLUTION Slider.

Genius Pipe’s EVOLUTION Slider was one of the most creative and valuable inventions.

Not only does it keep any unwanted odor from escaping, but it lets you keep a fresh bowl of herb stored in your bowl piece, ready for whenever you need it.

The thousands of micro-vortices inside the Genius Pipe filter your vapor for the utmost clean, fresh, flavorful, and smooth hit. 

We’ll let you in on a secret; if you use the code 12DAYOG8 at checkout, the price chops in half to $89.00. 

Christmas is only a few days away; make sure to get yours now before time runs out, and have a Genius holiday season!

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