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News | 02.14.2022

Good Day Farm Just Made The World’s Largest Gummy Edible

This giant 135-pound gummy contains 100,000mg THC.

If there’s one thing a new cannabis company can do to attract new customers right off the bat, it would probably be making the world’s largest edible. Missouri-based Good Day Farm just did exactly that after announcing its new line of edibles. 

Keep in mind the record prior to Good Day Farm’s was an 850-pound cannabis brownie, coming packed with a giant dose of 20,000mg THC. A Massachusetts dispensary made this monster edible in December, but Good Day Farm’s colossal gummy is far more exciting. 

On February 10th, the company made its official launch of vegan, gluten-free, real fruit gummies, now available at dispensaries throughout Missouri. The gummy line comes in five delicious flavors: Watermelon Sugar, Rise and Shine, Wild Berry, Sour Apple, and Strawberry Lemonade. 

Photo courtesy of Good Day Farm

After long and hard work creating the new products, Good Day Farm decided to celebrate with help from the company’s head chef Peter Sturdevant, who carefully and thoroughly crafted the 135-pound, 2-foot wide Sour Apple gummy edible. Not only does this gummy beat the record for the largest and heaviest edible, but it also contains the most THC at a whopping 100,000mg. 

The gummy will be put on display in Good Day Farm’s facility in Columbia, Missouri, where it was made. According to Good Day Farm CMO Laurie Gregory, she said in a press release that her company curates a catalog of over 150 unique cultivars made with “high touch and high tech practices that produce the highest quality of flower.”

Now, as Good Day Farm begins to roll out its line of gummies, Missouri dispensaries are happily selling the sweet treats, which, according to Greenway, are the following:

  • Sour Apple Gummies (10-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Strawberry Lemonade Gummies (10-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Watermelon Sugar Gummies (10-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Wild Berry Gummies (10-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Rise N’ Shine Gummies (10-pack, 100mg THC)

Photo courtesy of Good Day Farm

That’s not all Good Day Farm is up to, as the company is planning to launch its line of nano edibles line later this year. Nanoemulsion technology is starting to rise in popularity throughout the industry solely because of its fast onset of effects. Most edible users will make good use of it rather than wait an hour for the effects to kick in entirely.

Good Day Farm’s nanoemulsion gummies are listed as follows:

  •  Strawberry-Kiwi: Fast-Acting Nano-Emulsified Gummies (20-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Sour Blue Raspberry: Fast-Acting Nano-Emulsified Gummies (20-pack, 100mg THC)
  • Night Night: Fast-Acting Nano-Emulsified Gummies (20-pack, 100mg THC, CBD, CBN)

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