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Industry | 03.10.2023

Coachella Valley Could Be The Next Cannabis Hub

Here's how Green Horizons is turning the Coachella Valley into a cannabis-oriented epicenter.

“Being built to last is more important than being first, and we’re just getting started,” says co-founder and CEO of Green Horizons, Carlos “Los” Arias. 

Arias and his team at Green Horizons are currently executing plans to make the Coachella Valley a cannabis cultivation and branding hub, similar to what tech is to Silicon Valley.

Green Horizons is currently constructing its state-of-the-art grow facility and “Canna-Campus,” which was announced last year and will house sustainable cannabis cultivation and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand development. 

The first step is building its 107,787 square-foot campus with on-site greenhouses for cultivation and then another 125,000 square-foot company headquarters and brand incubator, notes Benzinga. 

“The Coachella Valley is the perfect place to build a world-class cultivation and CPG brand campus at this scale,” said Arias. “Coachella has long been a stalwart agricultural community, and I am honored to now help make Coachella a global cannabis destination.”

Star Branding Investment Group, LLC, is also on board and providing its experience and knowledge with brand development to Arias, co-founder Michael Meade, and the Green Horizons team. 

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A recent press release from Green Horizons notes that the company “recognizes the privilege to work within the legal cannabis space and is committed to positive social change at the local level.”

To make a positive social change, Benzinga reports that Green Horizons has partnered with the City of Coachella to launch two distinct initiatives under the new program, the “Build the Valley Initiative.” 

This would first build infrastructure for the company and community to launch operations and, more importantly, emphasize advocacy efforts to expunge those in prison for cannabis crimes while creating jobs under Green Horizon’s Coachella Valley program. 

Sustainability is also a core goal for Green Horizons. The company is currently a member of an industry task force alongside financiers, attorneys, and operators that strive to majorly reduce, if not eliminate, plastics around the cannabis industry

For The Best Bud In Town, Stop By The Coachella Lighthouse Dispensary

Photo By The Coachella Lighthouse

The Coachella Lighthouse is a state-of-the-art boutique cannabis dispensary. Located at 84160 Avenue 48, Coachella, this dispensary is just down the road from the iconic Coachella Music Festival grounds.

Both a medical and recreational dispensary, Coachella Lighthouse has the largest variety of products in California. Their product selection features the best on the Californian market, including fan favorites like Wyld’s Elderberry (2:1) CBN Sleep Gummies, Connected’s Biscotti Infused Pre-Roll Pack, Buddies’ Skywalker OG Live Resin Cartridge, and so much more.

Not to mention their impressive lineup of unique accessories, Coachella Lighthouse is a hub for all things high-quality cannabis. The staff is eager to answer your questions while making excellent product recommendations to ensure you can achieve your desired cannabis experience.

Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful and visually appealing dispensaries worldwide. The sleek, modern interior offers a serene and relaxed vibe. Coachella Lighthouse is putting a new meaning behind cannabis retail, and they’re doing it in style.

Stop by in person or place an order online for in-store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery. For more products and information about the Coachella Lighthouse, visit their website at

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