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Learn | 04.28.2022

Meet Contraband Cannabis, Branding Done Right

Brand recognition within the saturated cannabis industry is essential, and here's how Contraband Cannabis managed to stand out.

With all the new cannabis brands taking the legal market by storm, it’s easy for some to get lost in the mix due to a lack of brand authenticity, originality, and innovation. 

As unfortunate as it sounds, the industry is quickly becoming an over-saturated space with short-lived business ventures and owners seeking an easy cash grab. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of seeking a cannabis brand that resonates with you, not just because you smoke the plant and they happen to sell it. 

Forming a relationship with a brand goes much deeper than that, which is why we’d like to point you in the direction of Contraband Cannabis, maintaining the essence of the underground counterculture that swept the 90s. 

Photo courtesy of Contraband

When heading over to the company’s website, you’ll notice a Contraband-labelled boombox sitting on the pavement, waiting to blast the tunes that fuelled the cannabis culture decades ago. 

After a few scrolls, Contraband makes it clear that music is a core part and characteristic of the company’s ventures. From shots of cassette tapes to nostalgic Bronx recording studios, Contraband strives to maintain what true cannabis connoisseurs had created for us long before the plant was legal in Canada and most U.S. states.

The many nods to 90s cannabis culture and music on Contraband’s website aren’t all. The company also created “The Intro” Spotify playlist to help users remember the times when the fight for legalization seemed like a far-off dream. 

“These are the tracks that hyped up a generation and influenced so many after,” reads a Contraband Instagram caption when introducing the playlist. 

From heavy hitters like The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and Nas to cannabis advocates like Cypress Hill and Method Man and Redman, the carefully-curated Contraband playlist is just what any cannabis user needs to immortalize those historic counterculture moments all through the tunes that fuelled the movement. 

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You can trust that Contraband’s cannabis flower lives up to its mission.

The first of many products available from Contraband Cannabis is its heavy-hitting CNDYLND Flower. CNDYLND comes in 3.5g and is packaged in a NitroTin to help preserve the bud, and a 14g bag that comes with a humidity pack.

This cross between Granddaddy Purp and Bay Platinum Cookies isn’t one to miss, and it’s currently available on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s website

You can also select the CNDYLND Flower from Contraband’s website, and it will redirect you to local dispensaries carrying the strain you need to try. 

For more information about Contraband Cannabis, check out its Instagram page to dive deeper into the stand-out brand and its equally exceptional flower. 

Celebrate With Canada's Finest Flower

Now that delivery and curbside pickup are here to stay in Ontario, celebrate with the finest Canadian strain on the market, CNDYLND from Contraband Cannabis.

This powerhouse strain from a brand as reputable as Contraband definitely won’t let you down. Why not celebrate even more during your sesh by bumping the tunes that inspired generations of cannabis advocates through “The Intro” Spotify playlist, carefully curated by Contraband.

Photo courtesy of Contraband Cannabis

The company’s flagship strain, CNDYLND, is a stimulating Sativa-dominant hybrid with a punchy THC content of 22-28% and is available to ship to your door through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The strain is a wicked cross between Grandaddy Purps and Bay Platinum Cookies, making for a premium crystal-coasted cannabis flower with dominant terpenes like Humulene, Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, and Bilabool.

It’s packaged in a NitroTin to preserve the bud’s potency and flavors, which hit the palate with a sweet inhale and a piney, earthy, pungent exhale.

Contraband’s CNDYLND flower, available on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s website, comes in 3.5g and 14g, both with humidity packs to retain that precious moisture.

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