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Industry | 11.17.2021

Sip Away On These THC-Lined Straws By Drnq Budz

No calories, no plastic, and quick onset effects. What could be better?

Move aside THC patches and gummy bear edibles because the newest contender in the THC market is none other than a straw. These straws aren’t your average sipping devices; they’re lined with THC that steadily decreases with each sip as you ingest it in a composed, discreet, and sophisticated manner.

The new THC-lined straws are from Drnq Budz, who launched the premier line of these innovative creations—the first THC-lined straws to exist. And they’re incredibly easy and straightforward; the THC lining will dissolve as you sip from the straw, which allows the consumer to take note of how much THC they’re ingesting. The new technology lets the user ingest more precise dosages, which is a huge step forward in titration methods.

Once you begin to see the colored coating fade away as you sip the straw, this indicates how much THC you’ve consumed. These straws are also a great way to give your lungs a rest if you’re an avid smoker. A significant reason why many prefer smoking is the quick onset of its effect, so it’s great news to hear that the effects of these straws kick in within six minutes.

Photo by Drnq Budz

To create these straws, Los Angeles-based startup company Drnq Budz acquired master rights to the technology developed by Unistraw, the Australia-based straw maker. Unistraw first discovered that they can line straws with flavors or active ingredients, which is now patented and has won various awards.

The new straws by Drnq Budz come in three flavors, Mango, Lemon-Lime, and Berry Matcha. They also come in three different dosages at 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. The straws come in a pack of 10 and will be available on December 15 through California dispensaries and delivery services.

In order to make most edibles, cannabis must be decarboxylated, which is a process that many don’t know how to do correctly. Drnq Budz’s new straws are the perfect way to give the consumer the ability to ingest an “edible” without any additional calories, sugar, or ingredients other than pure THC and whatever they’re sipping.

Photo by Drnq Budz

Not only this, but the new THC-lined straws are 100% certified compostable and bio-sourced. Interestingly, the straws are produced from corn, which could help reduce the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint significantly. It also helps minimize shipping and storing heavy products, plastic, and chemical waste.

It’s time to put down those gummy bears and sip away on the most innovative cannabis technology yet. Be sure to check with your local dispensary to ensure that Drnq Budz’s straws will be on the shelves come December 15.

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