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Industry | 12.02.2021

This Hemp And Oat-Based Gelato Brand Is Expanding Throughout The United States

Doozy Pots is now available in various grocery stores around the nation.

Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots made their first massive expansion in 2019 when they launched in the beloved Cleveland grocer, Heinen’s. Now, they’re announcing an even bigger expansion to include folks around the United States.

According to PR Newswire Cision, Doozy Pots’ dairy-free oat and hemp gelatos are now available across the nation in 371 Spout’s markets, as well as west coast specialties grocery stores like Erewhon and Jimbo’s. Doozy Pots was founded by food scientist Kirsten Sutaria, whose experience and past with ice cream is unbeatable.

Sutaria spent nine years as a “Flavor Guru” at Ben & Jerry’s, and she also led the brand to create their vegan range of flavors which helped convert Ben & Jerry’s portfolio to Fair Trade and Non-GMO.

Sutaria’s “Doozy Pots” name carries a rather wholesome meaning behind it. It was actually Sutaria’s childhood nickname, where her grandmother would call her “doozy pots” when messily making creations in her “Wonderlab,” a.k.a, the kitchen.

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The phrase is said to come from Long Island Italians who say “tu sei pazzo,” meaning, “you’re crazy,” because Sutaria was crazy enough to make delightful plant-based gelatos. Running since 2019 in Cleveland, Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots creates unique gelatos from plants in many flavors.

The company’s most recent flavors include Chocolate Mint Chip, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Banana Cinnamon Date Swirl, and Smooth Coffee. Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots is family-owned and operated with a shared goal to create wholesome indulgences made from ingredients that are kind to the earth and its communities.

The brand is unique because Doozy Pots’ gelato is made with a proprietary blend of hemp and oat (no CBD or THC), and it uses ingredients that are organic, regenerative, fair, and direct trade. They create gelatos that contain a lower saturated fat content, are smoother, and offer a more balanced sweetness than ice cream.

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Sutaria told PR Newswire Cision that using versatile hemp and oat blend allows them to “make a frozen dessert that is just sweet enough and reminiscent of old-world Italian gelato” without the need for extra saturated fat from dairy or coconut.

Co-founder Karl Sutaria added that it’s important for Doozy Pots to use ingredients “grown using practices that consider the health of the planet and the well-being of the people who grow them.” Doozy Pots finds growers who use organic and regenerative tactics to focus on soil and ecological health. All of Doozy Pots’ brand cartons are created with 35% post-consumer recycled fibers.

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