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News | 03.28.2022

Is Pro-Mix A Good Soil For Cannabis? Which Type To Use

Here's why Pro-Mix should be your go-to soil blend for homegrown cannabis.

It’s almost outdoor growing season, and while some states are lucky enough to have full-fledged outdoor grows year-round, we thought it’s a better time than ever to help familiarize yourself with which soil mixtures are the best for your precious plants. Most of the time, you’ll hear fellow growers and cultivators rave about the growth enhancement properties of Pro-Mix. 

What Is Pro-Mix?

Pro-Mix is a nutrient-rich growing medium made to help spout just about any plant you can think of. Some Pro-Mix blends offer a mixture of peat moss, dolomite lime, perlite, and a wetting agent to maintain moisture, which is ideal for cannabis.

There are several types of Pro-Mix on the market designed for specific grows, like vegetables or flowers. These mixes also offer protection with biofungicide and help plants grow pretty quickly due to the 100% contaminant-free mycorrhizae.

Which Type Of Pro-Mix To Use For Cannabis

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From the many Pro-Mix blends available on the market, the best bag to snag for growing cannabis plants is the perlite-rich Pro-Mix HP.

Because of the high perlite levels, this mix offers a stable and protected growing environment beneath the surface and provides the most drainage possible out of all Pro-Mix blends.

It’s also great for increased air porosity and decreased water retention. This mix is also high in mycorrhizae, meaning you’ll be surprised at how fast your plants are able to grow once transplanted in the Pro-Mix HP blend.

You could also opt for the Pro-Mix BX blend, which offers water/nutrient retention, is rich in perlite, and has the appropriate drainage capacity.

This blend is also high in peat moss. Not only does peat moss offer a well-balanced and protected growing environment, but it’s also known to grow cannabis very successfully by maintaining root health from seedling to adulthood.

How Much Pro-Mix To Use For Growing Cannabis

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It all depends on your growing environment and where you choose to place your plants. Your safest option is to start your seeds in the paper towel method, then carefully sow them into seedling trays with the appropriate amount of Pro-Mix (a.k.a., enough soil to fill each seedling slot).

Before your seeds have sprouted into seedlings and are ready to be transplanted, you want to figure out where you’ll plant them. The easiest and most secure method is individual grow bags, somewhere between 5-7 gallons. Ideally, you’ll want to fill each grow bag until about an inch from the top, so this might call for a few Pro-Mix bags.

If you choose to go the more traditional method and transplant your seedlings into the ground, make sure to carve a “heart” in the ground (space for the root system) and surround the area with your chosen Pro-Mix. This helps ensure your plant acclimatizes to its new growing environment without shock from nutrient-less soil.

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