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Is Marijuana Legal In Aruba?

Here's what cannabis users need to know when vacaying in Aruba.

Looking to head to Aruba for your next vacation? Many quickly fall in love with the welcoming weather and stunning beaches, but is the island open to cannabis use? We created this guide to help you understand all about Aruba‘s cannabis laws and where to get the plant on your next vacation to the Caribbean island.

Is Marijuana Legal In Aruba?

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No, cannabis is not legal in any way, shape, or form. Aruba does not condone the plant’s recreational use, nor does it have a medical program for patients to combat varying conditions and illnesses. This means buying, selling, and consuming cannabis in Aruba is a no-no.

And don’t think just because you’re a tourist, you might face reduced penalties, as the country has seen a few cases where tourists land behind bars for consuming it like they would in their home country. However, you could probably get away with it in a quiet and private place far from locals and the police.

While recreational use is still frowned upon, Aruba has been making moves to implement legal, medical marijuana to boost the economy. You’re currently allowed to bring CBD products into Aruba with less than 0.2% THC, but medical cannabis flower is still not legal. The government is currently hashing that out.

Will Locals Bust You For Smoking Marijuana In Aruba?

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Probably not, but according to The Cannigma, the country’s locals have a history of drug addiction, meaning that some might not be comfortable with a happy-go-lucky tourist smoking a substance that’s still illegal.

However, Aruba welcomed a new liberal government in 2017, and one of its core beliefs was to adopt a more progressive attitude towards the plant. Just last year, reports say that a leading international company dubbed Affinor Growers signed an agreement with Aruba‘s government to use the many vertical rotating towers for hemp and food production.

So while the country is slowly leaning into a weed-friendly destination, we suggest you keep your cannabis consumption under wraps.

Can You Purchase Marijuana In Aruba?

Of course you can buy weed in Aruba, but not legally. If you must get your hands on medicine, be wary that the quality of the herb you’re buying might not be as potent as your favorite flower back home. Dealers might offer insanely high prices, too, so make sure to ask some questions and maybe negotiate.

You can definitely find a friendly face willing to discreetly sell you marijuana, which mostly happens by the beach and around local bars. We want to note that buying cannabis through an illicit dealer can be dangerous, so keep your wits about you.

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