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Legalization | 03.02.2022

Medical Marijuana Is Finally Legal In Costa Rica

The President should sign the bill into law in the coming weeks, hopefully boosting the country's post-pandemic economy.

A bill legalizing medical marijuana and the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes just passed in Costa Rica’s Congress yesterday.

President Carlos Alvarado says the bill would hopefully deter the illicit market and bring financial posterity to Costa Rica’s post-pandemic economy once the bill takes effect. 

But he still doesn’t want his people dabbling in recreational weed. In January, the same bill was introduced to Congress, but Alvarado vetoed it, saying he wanted to limit the consumption of cannabis and its cultivation. But Costa Ricans should still know that any sale of cannabis or home cultivation remains illegal. 

When legislators in Congress were signing the bill yesterday, there was even some positive attention from a few opposition parties, which goes to show how medical marijuana is building a new and improved reputation. President Alvarado says it will be “of great benefit to Costa Rica,” reports Reuters

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Those who choose to cultivate medical marijuana and produce it are asked to register with health institutions and comply with random and routine inspections from the Costa Rican Drug Institute (ICD). 

Reports say lawmaker Zoila Rosa hopes President Alvarado will sign the bill into law this week and explained how the recent measure still held the same “key components” as the initial bill the President vetoed in January. 

Rosa says the measure will “bring investment, generate employment, allow access to millionaire markets, and reactivate the agricultural sector,” according to Reuters. 

It wasn’t just the people of Costa Rica that wanted medical marijuana legalized. Procromer, the country’s trade promotion group, has long lobbied the government to create a medical program and legalize hemp cultivation due to its evolving presence in the industry and worldwide. 

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