Legalization | 06.21.2022

Traveling To Thailand? Here Are The Weed Laws You Should Know About

See what's legal and what's not in Thailand.

Thailand has made some progressive weed-friendly moves over the past few years.

In 2018, the country legalized medical marijuana, making it the first Southeast Asian country to do so. Similarly, Thailand took it one step further in February and decriminalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In the latest move, Thailand’s government not only handed out one million cannabis plants to locals but also legalized the possession and cultivation of medical marijuana.

With all the pro-weed laws and changes, tourists might wonder if they can indulge in their favorite plant when strolling the Thai streets.

Keep reading to see what’s legal and what’s not on your next vacation to Thailand.

Can I Smoke Recreational Cannabis In Thailand?

Unfortunately, we have to rip off the band-aid. You cannot consume recreational cannabis in Thailand, and neither can the locals. It’s still illegal, and the repercussions aren’t worth it.

Considering medical marijuana is decriminalized and recreational use isn’t, this means smoking weed for fun can land you;

  • Three months in jail
  • A fine of $700
  • Or both

However, The Washington Post reports that tourists looking to get informed on the medicinal aspects of cannabis or different business ventures are welcome. This brings us to our next point.

Can Tourists Use Medical Marijuana In Thailand?

Yes, tourists are allowed to consume medical marijuana in Thailand.

This doesn’t mean you can purchase illegal recreational cannabis and say you’re using it for medical purposes.

Instead, you’ll have to bring any documents that prove you are eligible to obtain medical marijuana from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

This could be documents of a certain illness or papers that prove you’re a medical patient back home. Consumption of medical marijuana is limited to private use, meaning it’s not wise to walk the streets with a joint.

Instead, keep it discreet and on the property of your temporary residence.

What Can I Do Recreationally?

If you’re not a medical marijuana patient, here’s what you can do recreationally that’s still considered legal.

Thailand is quickly becoming a hub for infused eats and dishes served with cannabis. However, it’s not your typical edible experience.

Restaurants and cafes are allowed to serve cannabis-infused beverages and dishes, but they must contain less than 0.2% THC.

These products won’t get you high, but there are relaxing and grounding properties that’ll help chill you out.

There have been reports that Thailand’s government may increase the legal THC limit in edibles, but that has yet to happen.

It’s worth noting that Thailand has legalized growing cannabis plants at home for medicinal purposes, but you probably won’t have enough time to do that.

Whatever you choose to do on your next vacation to Thailand, it’s in your best interest to follow the government’s laws around cannabis to avoid unwanted situations at all costs.

That said, if you’re looking for a vacation spot to indulge in international cannabis, Thailand may not be your best option.

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