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News | 11.17.2021

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Just Invented An Innovative Rolling Tray

Thank Seth Rogen for leading the way in innovative and stoner-friendly products.

One of our favorite celebrity stoners Seth Rogen just made rolling a joint much easier. Since cannabis has been legalized in various states for recreational use, many stoners are looking for more innovative ways to enhance their stoner experience. Luckily, thousands of products are available to help improve that experience, and many were created by the faces we know and love. 

Seth Rogen’s cannabis brand Houseplant launched in March this year and has made waves with its many accessories and kick-ass strains. The latest Houseplant addition is Rogen’s new rolling tray, which was brought to the masses via Twitter on Monday. Seth published a video of him breaking down his new decorative but functional rolling tray, including a space to roll, a paper dispenser, a filter holder, a mortar and pestle grinder, and an ashtray.

“Hi, it’s Seth. And if you’re like me, you roll a lot of joints,” he said in the video. Thankfully, we are like you, Seth, and we can’t wait to try the next innovative product. The new rolling tray has everything you need to roll the best joint of your life, and in the same video, Rogen even gave newbies a step-by-step tutorial on how to roll a joint.

Although there are hundreds of functional all-in-one rolling trays on the market, there’s something about Seth that makes us drawn to his products in general. Whether it’s his polite Canadian ways or welcoming and humorous delivery, he’s always one to put a smile on our faces. Houseplant’s rolling tray is the perfect gift for your favorite stoner this holiday season, but there are a few other products from Rogen’s brand that have our attention too.

Photo courtesy of Seth Rogen

Houseplant Ashtray Set

Photo courtesy of Houseplant

The ashtray set was created by one of the world’s most beloved experts on ashtrays, Seth Rogen himself. The brown earthenware set comes with a modern ashtray, a coaster for the ashtray, and a vase for flowers. The set has a retail price of $85 and is ready to catch all the ash that falls off your joint.

Houseplant Block Table Lighter

Photo courtesy of Houseplant

This lighter was created in its big and bulky form so the clumsy stoner would never lose it. The refillable butane tank and the adjustable flame is not only a centerpiece but a product that can last a stoner’s lifetime. Its retail price is a little expensive at $434, but you’ll be saving money over time without dropping a few bucks here and there on gas station lighters.

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