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News | 08.30.2021

20 Amazing LA Spots To Satisfy Your Munchies

Los Angeles is home to many things—sun, Hollywood, traffic—but recently it has also become a serious travel destination for foodies.

Los Angeles has a special combination that we at Herb love – good weed and good food. There’s nothing better than getting your buzz on and heading out into sunny LA to grab a bite and calm your munchies.

Whether you’re in the mood for tacos or fine dining, you’re bound to run into something on these streets that’ll fill your aching belly. Here’s a list of the best places to eat in LA after you’ve had your weed dose.

From tacos to desserts and serious breakfast sandwiches. These are our favorite munchie spots in town.

Egg Slut, Downtown

Photo courtesy of Egg Slut

In the mornings you can find Egg Slut nestled among other market vendors at Grand Central Market. The tiny shop is always abuzz with hungry people trying to order their favorite breakfast sandwich or craving a fresh pastry latte. Now that Eggslut has branched out, diners can find their favorite egg dishes at multiple locations in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Nickel Diner, Downtown

Photo courtesy of Nickel Diner

Burgers, fries, and shakes. Kind of a straightforward concept, right? Well not when you’re talking about Nickel Diner. This place takes your favorite childhood desserts and amps them up with creative additions and homemade twists. They’ve got upscale stoner classics like homemade Ding-Dongs and Pop Tarts. They’re also on point with their sweet and salty desserts

Best Fish Taco in Ensenada, Los Feliz

Photo courtesy of Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

The name says it all. There are two types of tacos available, fish ($1.50) and shrimp ($2.00) and you really can’t go wrong with either. Best Fish Taco is low-key BYOB, so you can bring something to drink if you’re chill about it.

Little Fatty, Mar Vista

Photo courtesy of Little Fatty

We’re a fan of Little Fatty’s “bold street food,” which includes staples like egg rolls and scallion pancakes alongside squid ink xiao long bao and duck pizza. There’s even a late-night menu for people who are staying out on the Westside, so don’t fret: you can get your deep-fried Hainan chicken until midnight.

Art's Table, Santa Monica

Photo courtesy of Art’s Table

Few things in life are as satisfying as childhood favorites. That’s why chef Art Smith is bringing us some of the all-time best recipes in his restaurant Art’s Table. We love this dish because it has a little bit of everything – cheese, pickles, and meat. A perfect snack to have any time of the day!

California Donuts, Koreatown

Photo courtesy of California Donuts

California Donuts certainly plays into the decadent donut craze. The retro, 24/7 outdoor location is a community staple, having been around for over three decades. The specialty donuts—like a plain donut with purple frosting and Cinnamon Toast Crunch on top—clock in at under $3, and a classic donut, including the delicious green-topped matcha green tea donut are $1.25 each. And luckily for those who are out late, the bold coffee is just as affordable.

Village Pizzeria, Larchmont Village

Photo courtesy of Village Pizzeria

No munchies list can be complete without a proper pizza place. If you like pizza, then Village Pizzeria is the place for you. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy tasty homemade pizzas in an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Village Pizzeria’s pizzas can be ordered by the slice or from a whole pie and they offer several specialty pies to choose from.

Komodo, Venice

Photo courtesy of Komodo

You know when you go out and you can’t choose between tacos and nachos? It’s an age-old struggle. Fortunately, Los Angeles’ Komodo offers a solution with their “Munchies” menu, where you can get all the best things on one place. Now that’s convenient!

Mexicanos 30-30, Boyle Heights

Photo courtesy of Mexicanos 30-30

We’re big fans of this place, “a killer family-owned and –operated mega tasty Mexican spot with countless classics on the menu like wet burritos, albondigas, and tostadas. The green sauce is like Mexican ranch with a kick. I could put that shiiiiii on everything.”

In-N-Out, Multiple Locations

Photo courtesy of In-N-Out

A California staple, In-N-Out is a chain with just a few locations in other states. Having been featured in countless movies and TV shows, it has gained a cult following. The restaurant’s simple aesthetic features bright red and yellow color schemes that make the eatery a fun place to grab a bite to eat here in California.

L&E Oyster Co., Silver Lake

Photo courtesy of L&E Oyster Co.

This restaurant serves up a full range of “delicious, crunchy munchies.” The chef recommends the Corn Fried Popcorn Shrimp on the upstairs menu—it’s “gluten-free for all those LA dietary friendly stoners”—followed up by the restaurant’s renowned fried oysters. If you’re looking for something secret ask for the Chowder Fries, an off-menu item with cheese and chorizo. “It’ll blow anyone’s mind,” says the owner.

Mohawk Bend, Echo Park

Photo courtesy of Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend makes eating healthy easy, whether you’re looking to keep it vegan. Enjoy delicious, healthy vegan food in a laid-back atmosphere. They’ve got vegan burgers, vegan cheese, and fries. What else is on the menu? The original fried chicken sandwich. And the mac and cheese that changed LA.

B.S. Taqueria, Downtown

Photo courtesy of B.S. Taqueria

Headed up by chef Ray Garcia, B.S. Taqueria serves up unconventional plays on traditional Mexican fare. The grilled corn with guajillo butter and cotija is to die for, especially when paired with a couple of their $4-6 tacos.

Beer Belly, Koreatown

Photo courtesy of Beer Belly

For a guilt-free indulgence, Beer Belly dishes up some delicious greasy bar food. And if you’re craving something fried, their deep-fried desserts will have your stomach groaning in delight. They sell everything from fries to chicken skin and loaded mac ‘n’ cheese. But let’s be real, the reason everyone comes here is for the deep-fried desserts.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Los Feliz

Photo courtesy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Los Feliz is a neighborhood favorite. As soon as you walk in, the sweet smell of waffle cones perfumes the air. There, you can buy a scoop (or two) of ice cream made from the freshest ingredients. Sample flavors include Celery Salt & Butter Cream and Yogurt with Blueberry Compote & Fresh Thyme. The unusual toppings also make for great treats!

Cliff’s Edge, Silver Lake

Photo courtesy of Cliff’s Edge

We recommend this scenic treehouse restaurant for locally sourced brunch or dinner as well as an extensive selection of wines. The restaurant offers a daily selection of oysters—six for $18—as well as a roster of cured meats and larger plates like crispy whole branzino.

KazuNori, Downtown

Photo courtesy of KazuNori

For the skinny stoners, the hand roll spot KazuNori is a must-stop. An offshoot of Kazunori and Tom Nozawa’s restaurant Sugarfish, the restaurant offers a la carte and set menu hand rolls made with fillings ranging from salmon to yamaimo. If you’re not looking for hand rolls you might not find much to eat here, but you could keep yourself busy drinking the house nigiri.

Far East Plaza, Chinatown

Photo courtesy of Far East Plaza

This is a Herb team favorite, serving up everything “from coffee to ice cream to Howlin’ Ray’s fried chicken, to the best Filipino food from my boys at Lasa—you can’t go wrong with the one-stop plaza.” So if you’re feeling too baked to really walk around but still want a full-bellied experience, head over to Chinatown.

Honey's Kettle, Culver City

Photo courtesy of Honey’s Kettle

Southern comfort meets fast food. The chicken is fresh off the fryer and always hot ‘n’ sweet. Honey’s Kettle specializes in traditional Southern comfort food. We’re big fans of the down-home feel of the restaurant and their classic approach to cooking down south. Honey’s is famous for their biscuits and tea, but we’ll leave that to you to try on your own.

Starry Kitchen, Silver Lake

Photo courtesy of Starry Kitchen

Executive chef Thi Tran and his wife Nguyen opened Starry Kitchen as an illegal, underground restaurant out of the back of their apartment. Since going legit and joining up with barcode Button Mash in Silver Lake, Tran has held a series of secret “Chinese herb and marijuana” dinners for the medicated foodie set.

Though the regular offerings won’t get you stoned, they’ll fix your munchies right up. In addition to a solid double cheeseburger, Starry Kitchen also serves up a braised Coca-Cola jackfruit sandwich and double-fried tangy chicken wings.

Got any more places we should add to the list? Hit us up on IG and let us know!

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