Photo Courtesy Of WEED’D

News | 04.21.2023

WEED’D Launches Second Drop Of Handmade Italian Bongs During Milan Design Week

These authentic and high-design pieces will be on display at MadHouse during Milan Design Week.

You’ve never seen bongs like this before. For one thing, handmade ceramic bongs add a luxurious and authentic edge to your smoking sessions. But what if they were handmade in Milan by experienced designers?

This is WEED’D, a Milanese brand that specializes in modern smoking objects from a community of professionals in Milan’s creative scene. The brand’s first drop was impeccable, comprising three unique designs named after the initials of their respective designers.

Now, WEED’D continues making waves with more smokeable art, currently debuting at Milan Design Week (MDW) 2023, April 18 to 23. This time around, the brand is introducing more of a neutral color palette with grey and sky blue designs. They will be presented at MadHouse, Viale Friuli 60, from 11 am to 7 pm throughout MDW.

Photo Courtesy Of WEED’D

Not only that, but WEED’D enlisted more skilled designers to create smoking objects far from the traditional smoking tools available today. While WEED’D’s first drop included designs from Simone Bonanni, Valerio Sommella, and Maddalena Casadei, Design Director Simone brought on Gabriele Chiave, Cara/Davide, and Attila Veress to create more unique pieces for the brand.

Alongside the new designs are new grey and red colors for WEED’D’s first drop of bongs, which met the market in their familiar yellow, blue, and pink colors. The brand is also adding new objects like modern candle pots and a compact pipe with a rounded ashtray.

Photo Courtesy Of WEED’D

Each and every design is produced in limited quantities, making them all the more unique. These artistic pieces are meant to be celebrated by elevating your consumption rituals with bongs that were conceptualized, designed, and created by professional designers in the Milanese creative scene.

Following their debut at Milan Design Week, WEED’D’s bongs will be available at and in select retailers throughout Italy, France, and Switzerland.

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