Behind The Brand: Dr. Greenthumb’s By B-Real From Cypress Hill

The world needs kickass weed...stat.

You probably know him as a godfather in the modern cannabis movement and the lead vocalist of the legendary Los Angeles hip-hop group Cypress Hill.

For recording artist and entrepreneur B-Real, he and the Cypress Hill members were one of the first groups to rap about weed in almost every song.

They took pride in taking something that seemed taboo and embracing the culture around the world’s most-used recreational drug.

It didn’t take long for Cypress Hill to become a cherished staple within the cannabis culture; they led a revolution to normalize consumption and experience the plant’s beneficial properties, regardless if people saw that as “Insane In The Membrane.”

Behind The Brand

When Cypress Hill dropped their 1998 single, “Dr. Greenthumb’s,” nobody thought it would prompt the launch of one of California’s most successful cannabis brands.

Seriously, all the boys wanted to do was create a comical skit for the song’s music video. Although it might have started that way, there’s no denying that listeners wanted to smoke what Dr. Greenthumb was growing.

Thus, California’s favorite cannabis brand was born, thanks to kickass cannabis products derived from high-quality cultivation that are now sold in a line of high-end dispensaries across California. And, of course, thanks to the consumption habits of B-Real and his loyal fans.

Dr. Greenthumb's Mission & Locations

Photo courtesy of Dr. Greenthumbs™️

Four years after launching, Dr. Greenthumb’s has managed to bridge the gap between legacy cannabis, the culture, fashion, music, art, and living unapologetically.

The brand firmly believes there’s strength in living authentically while unapologetically being yourself. If that’s harder said than done, Dr. Greenthumb’ is happy to make that dream a reality through the beneficial effects of its legacy cannabis strains.

Dr. Greenthumb’s cannabis brand has now turned into what B-Real has been looking for but could never find in any other brand,

  • Promotes freedom of expression
  • Comprised of authentic individuals
  • Offers a welcoming environment
  • Sells great fucking weed

Dr. Greenthumb’s currently has six fully licensed dispensaries across California;

  • Los Angeles (Centinela Avenue & Pasadena Avenue)
  • San Francisco (Mission Street)
  • La Mesa (Campo Road)
  • Cathedral City (Perez Road)
  • Sylmar (Foothill Boulevard)

For more information about B-Real’s cannabis brand Dr. Greenthumb’s, visit

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