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Culture | 05.05.2022

Are You A Twitch Streamer? Here’s What The Platform Says About Cannabis Use

Does Twitch allow cannabis use during live streams?

Welcome to the age of streaming, whether it’s video games, comedy, selling products, or everything in between.

The most popular platform for streamers to roll out live content is Twitch. The video streaming platform recently made some changes to allow cannabis-inspired usernames.

But what does it say about smoking weed during a live stream?

Smoking On The Job

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Maybe you’re a Twitch streamer that promotes cannabis products and related content. But are you falling in line with the platform’s terms of service?

This solely depends on where you’re streaming from. If you reside in a weed-friendly state like California or Colorado, you should be in the clear.

However, this is only allowed if your region has recreational cannabis legalized, not just medicinal.

Additionally, be mindful that some viewers may be outside your region and could report you for promoting illegal drug use.

Twitch's Rules

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The platform’s community guidelines specifically say, “content or activity featuring, encouraging, offering, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.” This is where cannabis use gets a little tricky.

National laws in the United States say the plant is illegal, but your state might have laws opposed to that. As long as you’re consuming cannabis in a state or country with recreationally legalized weed, you should be in the clear.

Reports say legally smoking weed during a live stream isn’t necessarily prohibited, but Twitch does not promote or agree with it. This is especially true if your viewers are under age.

The following is a list of things you can do to safely and responsibly smoke weed on Twitch live streams;

  • Limit your viewers to 18+
  • Ensure your state/country has legalized recreational cannabis (not just medicinal cannabis)
  • Don’t do it

I know that last one didn’t help. But seriously, if you’ve been flagged before and want to avoid it again, just don’t smoke weed on camera.

Simply take a puff outside of the camera’s view, and you should be in the clear. After all, it’s not necessarily wise to consume it if you’re inviting viewers of all ages.

Because Twitch isn’t so fond of cannabis use, considering it’s federally illegal in the United States, maybe it’s best to do it in private. For now, at least.

If you live in a state or country where it’s recreationally legal, and you’re only inviting mature audiences, you should be all good.

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