Culture | 10.21.2022

Avitas, Industry Pioneers Striving To Make The World A Happier Place

Avitas doesn't just take pride in its natural products. Giving back to the community is essential.

We can all appreciate a brand with great products. That said, many cannabis brands with impressive products aren’t doing enough for their community.

Or perhaps, vice versa. A brand could be centered around supporting the community, but its products might not be consistent or of good quality. It seems we could never find a happy medium until now.

We’re delighted to introduce you to Avitas. This leading Washington cannabis brand prides itself on natural, full-spectrum extracts, sustainable products, and giving back to the community in every way possible.

About Avitas

Avitas is based in Washington state and offers 100% natural, full-spectrum extracts from small-batch cannabis. Besides the brand’s potent extracts, the growers at Avitas have over 20 years of experience growing popular strains and breeding new ones.

Its mission is simple; high-quality cannabis should be easily accessible to responsible adults for safe consumption. Now that our industry has evolved into a space where we can make this a reality, Avitas is proud to be an industry pioneer and put this notion at the forefront of operations.

That said, the brand also holds supporting the community as a main priority. So much so that Avitas has the highest standards for:

  • Business practices
  • Agricultural techniques
  • Community involvement

If you’re looking for a brand that truly cares for you, your experience, its staff, and its community, look no further. Avitas focuses on creating long-term relationships with everyone’s best interest in mind.

It’s worth noting that Avitas donates a percentage of its profits to socially progressive charitable organizations. That’s not something you see every day.

Flower & Extracts

Avitas’ cultivation processes are just as impressive as its community involvement.

The brand is committed to growing all-natural, organic cannabis without:

  • Chemical pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides

Once the flower is grown and ready for use, here’s what you should know about the cannabis extracts at Avitas.

It’s truly hard to find a clean vaping experience, but Avitas makes that possible with its all-natural, additive-free oils that never contain cutting agents (PG, PEG, VG, MCT) or harmful thickening agents like vitamin e acetate (the agent responsible for the 2019 vaping crisis).

With a wide variety of flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, rosin, and even a pod for the PAX Era device, finding your new favorite product just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Avitas.

For more information about the brand, visit its website at

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