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Cream Of The Crop: Highest Quality Strains To Try

Experience California's most exclusive, exotic, and highest-quality strains and smokeables at Cream of the Crop.

Many seasoned users have a favorite strain.

Others have a favorite brand that consistently pumps out unique and high-quality products. Needless to say, it’s taken some intense trial and error to find your favorite strain, brand, or product.

Connoisseurs know this struggle all too well. As much as we can research a brand and examine their cultivation processes, you simply won’t know what you’ll experience until trying a product for yourself.

Luckily—and connoisseurs will thank us for this—we’ve found a brand that truly has the seasoned cannabis user’s best interest in mind.

Meet the consistent, quality, legacy-leaving cannabis brand Cream of the Crop (COTC). We understand that connoisseurs only want the cream of the crop, and thankfully, that’s only what this brand offers.

They’re the choice of connoisseurs, proudly providing a collection of California’s most exclusive, exotic, and highest-quality strains and smokeables.

About Cream Of The Crop

We love a clever name, but we also love a clever name that’s true to the brand. Expect nothing less than the cream of the crop when shopping at Cream of the Crop.

Thanks to their passionate team of people who deeply care about providing exceptional cannabis, that expectation is a reality. COTC is on a mission to produce the best expression of each cultivar.

Their Chief Cannabis Officer, Scott Raquiza, noted on the brand’s website how COTC understands the importance of being “keen observers of the plant as she grows.” They carefully examine the plant’s needs to bring out her full potential, and that’s precisely why connoisseurs can trust them.

Everything from bringing out her fragrant terpenes to producing unmatched flavors, this a brand that takes pride in the entire process to ensure connoisseurs can access flower they can celebrate.

Top-Shelf Flower

COTC stands by three pillars of success.

Quality: As people-oriented as COTC is, they understand that it all comes down to your experience with their flower. As connoisseurs, they know you don’t care about the hype—only what’s in the jar and your experience with it.

Consistency: Every time you spend your hard-earned money on weed, you want it to provide consistent effects and experiences. COTC specializes in their relentless attention to detail to ensure you leave with consistent nugs and experiences each time around.

Legacy: There wouldn’t be COTC without passion. Their decades of first-hand experience with the plant are invaluable, and they strive to leave a legacy to preserve this special craft and the culture we proudly call our own.

With so many outstanding strains to choose from, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. Better yet, a connoisseur in a cannabis store. See their other high-quality products, including:

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